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We all know that the big blocks have a lot more power potential than the small blocks, but I've seen some small block stroker motors in the 408-426 CI range that really scream, edging around 500 HP and torque numbers around the same figure (I've even seen a few go as high as 600). Given that they're lighter and far less expensive than big blocks, I've had to at least reconsider the idea of using a small block stroker versus sticking with my plans to build a lightweight aluminum 440 stroker in my planned Challenger build. So, my question isn't about power levels so much as how do the two engine types deliver power to the ground differently, and how do they rev differently?

As I understand it (although I could be wrong, I'm still learning), the big blocks have a lot more low-end torque and you get a much larger kick in the pants than you would with a small block, whereas the small blocks have a more even torque delivery throughout the powerband which makes it easier to launch them without going sideways and boiling tires, and to have more consistent torque delivery throughout the RPM range, similar to the Gen 3 Hemis. Am I correct here? Or way off?

I'm also fairly sure that the small blocks rev higher and faster than the big blocks, topping out somewhere in the low 7k range versus the big blocks that top out around the mid to high 6k range. While revving faster could be an advantage, is it really a benefit to rev higher if your peak HP and torque numbers were a good ways below that?

I realize the SB vs BB debate has been going for a long while, but I just thought it might be fun to throw a little gasoline on the embers  ;D
Here some pics.
Electrical / Re: 2014 Headlights Halo rings in 1972 Challenger
« Last post by 70chall440 on Today at 03:49:01 pm »
Glad to see you here from FABO.. Unfortunately I cannot help you with exactly what you are asking since I have no experience in that specific area, however I would say to look at after market solutions (5" headlights"), there are a lot on the market and they are designed to be retrofitted. I used some 7" halogen heal lights with integral turn signals in my Cuda.
No numbers or marking sound like PRW rockers but I could be wrong.
Hi, the cam has some damage and will have to be replaced. One of the pushrods was broken and another one is bent. Rockers seem not to be damaged but I cannot find any designation, serial number or something similar on it that could help to identify the manufacturer. I will try to provide some pictures of those.
Id like to keep the rockers but Im considering to replace the cam, lifters, pushrods and the springs.
Electrical / 2014 Headlights Halo rings in 1972 Challenger
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I have a 72 Challenger and I would like to convert to a 2014 headlight system . Any helpful suggestions are welcome

There are a number of ways to "improve" the handling, Hotchkiss one of them. Personally, I went with huge torsion bars, stage III box, (pretty much all of their stuff for an E body) from Firm Feel in my Cuda. The car isnt driving yet so I cannot say how good or bad it will handle but I can tell you that the car is super stiff. I have full length sub frame connectors, apron bracing, lower radiator support is a solid piece as well.

Improving the suspension is a relative issue and depends on what you want. Of course it is also relative to how much you are willing to spend. There are a number of people road racing Mopars with stock style suspension and there are people with the latest and greatest.

All I would say is do your research (as you appear to be doing), talk to people running various systems and in the end get what you think will do the job. Pop over to Pro touring Mopar and look at some of the builds there.
I will be using plastic as well with buytl tape holding it in place. I have huhsmat on the door already so it isn't really about the sound, but I feel there should be something in there.
I chose the plastic because I figured that it was flexible for getting back into the door.  I've learned that I seldom do things only once. :bigsmile:
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