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Auto-Armour Car Covers on Ebay
« on: September 19, 2013 - 05:38:15 pm »
I get a car cover for a small English car about once a year from Ebay, usually for around $40.  This last May, I went whole-hog and got 7-layer cover from Auto-Armour for $58, hoping that maybe I could get two years out of it.  Well it started to fall apart in July, and now it's splitting all over.  I saved the screen shots of the Ebay page with the "money back guarantee" and "lifetime warranty" clearly visible.  Well when I contacted them about their guarantee two weeks ago, the said they'd be happy to replace it after I give them $31.45 for shipping and handling - - clearly a ripoff.  They don't respond to emails in which I ask for the money back (as in "money back guarantee").
I thought I'd try to let Ebay handle it, but every time I would put the item number in as requested, it would say that the number couldn't be found.  I finally noticed on the Paypal payment screen-shot I had, it stated that all resolution cases have to be opened within 45 days.  That's the CATCH.  It allows these slime balls doing business as Auto-Armour to continue to sell crappy covers that are neither 7-layer or guaranteed simply because the problems don't arise until after 45 days.
I tried calling Ebay, but the item number drops out of existence, so they can't find any record ("Thanks for calling Ebay; Goodbye."), so there is no resolution from the "resolution center" and no protection from the "Ebay Protection Program", and Auto-Armour keeps cheating people.
After I got no response from the seller, I looked them up on the internet and found a number of other dissatisfied buyers, including one who did a Youtube video on Auto-Armour (clearly I should have looked BEFORE I bought).
Anyway, if you might be tempted to buy a car cover from Auto-Armour, DON'T.