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Performance & Technical (modern Challengers) / Re: ..
« Last post by 70chall440 on June 18, 2018 - 10:42:08 pm »
Test successful, the world says hello back  :chatting:
Performance & Technical (modern Challengers) / ..
« Last post by ssr888n on June 18, 2018 - 09:28:46 pm »
Hello World, This is a test post
If it was thin enough it would work. I have Hushmat on the outer skins so I think I am good there, I am liking the vapor sheet for added noise reduction but to keep any water from getting into the car (should I ever wash it or drive it in the rain).
Nice, I need to put a vapor barrier on my doors. One of the may ways I am losing some a/c efficiency in the summer, noise as well. I am thinking of using a closed cell foam sheet.
Well the axles should result in your trans moving, but having a bad axle will contribute to the vibrations you feel for sure.
 :bigsmile: I was going to mention that you should rethink you shop attire but.... LOL

That exactly what I will be doing.
Ahh the memories! I had the same issues with the floor and I had not yet learned the welder set-up and my patches kept getting bigger and uglier.  I ended up replacing the rear floors. Yours are coming out nicer than mine did.
I'm starting to think that you have a camera in my shop  :roflsmiley:
I wish that I had bought a new one or at least have it balanced  :faint:.  The shaft itself seems correct but there is quite a bit of slack in the piece that connects within the transmission (yoke?). I'm going to have it checked and balanced. 

I just bought two Moser axle shafts to check that risk off since both wheels had some wobbling (drum also) but one was really bad  :hyper:.
Newb Intros / Re: Not new here but got a new car. Go Mango 70 Challenger
« Last post by Cudaragtop on June 18, 2018 - 05:22:05 pm »
Thanks, will do.
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