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I was very pleased with the previous layout...  one of my favorites.   This new layout is radically different... now to re-learn it?
I was very pleased with the original (previous) layout)... now.. have to re-learn all over again? was one of my favorites sites... now a chore to use.   Can we return to the previous layout?
Parts Wanted / Six Pack Carburator bowl
« Last post by challenger_73 on Today at 09:27:02 am »
My outer carb bowl is cracked. Looking for one.
List 4393 and 4394

I believe that the bowles are the same for both carburetors.
Ebod Pics / Re: Flickr Photo Of The Day!
« Last post by cudamadd on Today at 06:49:18 am »
Yes a big fan when the front wheels are up in the air  :bigshades:
Everything Else sponsored by JOSH'S MUSCLE CAR PARTS / Re: Old School
« Last post by 73440 on Today at 06:07:20 am »
That was used as the Indy pace car . Like the rake on the front end.
Drove my Grandmothers 65 Fury III 318 as daily driver in the mid '90's , ps was so light could steer with one finger.
Wish I had not sold it . Saw an exact duplicate last Nov 2016 in Golden Colorado but it was not for sale.
Ebod Pics / Re: Flickr Photo Of The Day!
« Last post by AARCuda340+6 on Today at 12:59:41 am »

September 26th/2017

1970 Plymouth Barracuda.   Aerodynamics is not important, looking cool is!

I know who the Lizard is, doesn't change the fact that he's an idiot...  He drove away allot of members last year & he's gonna do it again with this fiasco....

The Wizard was a Lizard on Tooter the Turtle cartoon.

Engine & Go Fast Goodies / Re: Strange looking Six Pack Carb linkage
« Last post by ed-pv on September 25, 2017 - 10:03:05 pm »
I ended up rebuilding the carbs and setting them up with stock linkages.  Works GREAT!
Interior and Gauges / Re: 71 cuda dimmer foot switch location
« Last post by Tantster on September 25, 2017 - 09:53:59 pm »
 :1zhelp: Will have same question on my 70 Challenger.
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