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Well if you are going 2 go off road , Why not go in style ha ha . :clueless:
Ebod Pics / Re: '70 'cuda convertible down at marina
« Last post by cudamadd on Today at 06:50:11 PM »
Nice car .Great photo  :cheers:
 :bigshades: good price
Electrical / Re: Wipers reverse but dont park
« Last post by xtopfuel on Today at 06:11:01 PM »
could very well be
Ebod Pics / '70 'cuda convertible down at marina
« Last post by hofilbert on Today at 05:08:52 PM »
I had a beautiful morning with clear skies so I took my convertible to the marina for a quick photo shot. I'm working on a web page for my car and collecting some good shots for it. I hope to have it done soon. Enjoy!
Engine & Go Fast Goodies / Re: Distributor vacuum line to carb
« Last post by cudabob496 on Today at 04:58:05 PM »
the port on thecarb is ported vcuum so it is sourced from the venturi in the carb so it is above the throttle plates , so it should have zero effect
whodda thunk?
Engine & Go Fast Goodies / Re: Distributor vacuum line to carb
« Last post by brasil on Today at 02:40:41 PM »
emmisson reasons.  Full vacuum lets the engine run cooler. because the timing @idle is way up... I use full vacuum in my 340 ...because of the cam and the compression ratio which is very high.. the full vacuum helps to get around 22 deg @ idle  but static timing is only 10 deg.   the vacuum canister pulls 12 deg. 
just after the engine starts
When you use timed vacuum the engine runs NOX is lower..  but you canīt get 22deg @ idle with a high compr. engine... the starter will not "love " this set up

Greetings Juergen

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