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Re: Milodon oilpan install
« Reply #15 on: June 18, 2017 - 11:42:28 AM »
Hey Daryl, right now I am doing a 2012 5.7 swap, which I would assume is close to a 6.4.  As for the bolts, you will need one (1) stud, one (1) nut for the stud, and two (2) small pan bolts, or those are the parts I needed.

As for the windage tray, I used the stock and simply drilled the two bolt holes - pretty easy

Your pan, I used the the 3100 pan and the 18341 pickup - difference is your pan (3103) has the dipstick in it, mine did not.  For this dipstick with the 3100, if you go with the stock block, you need to pop out the plug when you have the pan off.  Also, you can use the 2017 1500 dipstick tube, o-ring and stick.  This is about $65 from Dodge, part numbers: 53011222AF 53011321AK and 530021144AA.

LX versions and I believe the crate motors have the dipstick in the pan, the trucks have them in the block, the boss is there, plug inside.

For the the stud and the nut, I have extras I can send, PM your address. 

Good luck - share as you go, seems we are all in the learning stages of best practices.

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Re: Milodon oilpan install
« Reply #16 on: June 18, 2017 - 12:32:13 PM »
Just bought a 6.4 and am planning on doing the swap in the fall. Trying to collect everything i need before the swap to make things go as smooth as possible. Am planning on buying the Milodon 31003 race pan and the 18341 pickup. Most people suggest the windgate which is 32010. From reading this thread it appears I need to replace a few main cap bolts too. Can you guys tell me if I am missing anything and which gaskets to use to prevent leaks? It does not seem as any of you are to fond of the cork gaskets.

Thanks in advance.


I used the factory mopar windage tray and have a milodon one I am not using. I feel that the mopar gasket type is superior than trying to use two cork gaskets.

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