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Parts Wanted / Wanted front wheel hub .
« Last post by MoparEbody on Today at 04:42:39 pm »
Wanted front wheel hub for my 70 Cuda with 11" brakes. will buy hub or complete hub and drum assembly . contact me here or my email
The mounting holes of the new Magnum mounts were indexed different from the stock mounts. They are located further away from the engine. When lowered all the way down, the holes don't line up with the K frame forming sort of a flat ellipse instead of a circle. The through bolts cannot be inserted. Just poorly manufactured product with thinner materials. Not sure if they were made oversea. Time to get some new Schumacher mounts.
Parts for Sale / 73 340 Engine
« Last post by vinb on Today at 03:26:05 pm »
Have a running 1973 340 stock engine for sale.

Intake to Oil Pan, no balancer otherwise complete.

See photos attached..

Will need complete rebuild of course..

$1,000.00  Central Jersey...

Also complete 72 Cuda K-Frame with arms and drum brakes.. $200.

will not ship...... can deliver to -Mopars @ E-Town  8/26-8/27 this weekend..

Thanks vinb
Big Blocks / Re: Ready to build 512
« Last post by 73cudabr on Today at 02:13:36 pm »
thanks for responding don't worry about what other people think hey , run your own race I learnt that  years ago your car sounds and looks great be proud my friend sounds like your happy with that cam as well you picked im building a 493 stroker and just trying to work out the best cam that's all I know yours is a 512 which is bigger but good point of reference as you have same rear end ratio as me and you said it frys tyres off the line so yeah the bigger cube engines don't need a 3.55 or deeper gear then  with a not to big cam that's great I do a lot of highway driving that's all and not looking for race car just a stop light racer that's me lol with a nice lump and strong midrange , just googled your cam says 3.9 gears and you have 3.23 and your happy with the take off and low range power so that's good I just leant something new cool , if you had 3.9 would probley wheel spin to much hey off the line ???

Our thought was this many cubes will not need any extra low end from a take off. Like I said. until I get street slicks 1st gear is useless unless you slowly feather it in. I'll look into a gear venders overdrive too at some point. It runs over 3000 RPMs on the highway having only 3 gears.
Yup, chrome is always an issue... 
Transmission and Drivetrain / Re: 18 or 23 spline
« Last post by 1 Wild R/T on Today at 01:02:26 pm »
I suggest you start a new post... Title it "Who has broken a 23 spline A833?"   You won't get many responses.... Yes you can wear them out then it will break from neglect.... But grab a gear & rip the teeth off like you can do with a Muncie? I've never seen it... Why? it's got the same cast iron case as the 18 spline, which means it's also go the big beefy counter shaft....  When you put HP & Tq to it the parts stay where they are supposed to..... 

With a Muncie, especially the Muncies with the small counter shaft when you put serious Hp & Tq to the trans the aluminum case distorts when the counter shaft is trying to move away from the input shaft.... As the gears separate the load moves from the central area of the gear teeth to the tips of the teeth.... When that happens the teeth start to shred.... Bye Bye!!

Is it chrome, if so it might be to large I ended up grinding off some of the chrome and got it to fit :2thumbs:
Grab a 3/8" or 10mm wrench, which ever fits snugly on the tube....  Use the wrench on the lip that seats into the block... Now you have a solid point to tap with your hammer.... Or if the room is limited often you can use a long punch/rod & hammer from above.....
Cars for Sale / Re: 1973 numbers matching Challenger project
« Last post by Rdchallenger12 on Today at 12:10:15 pm »
Is light stream a finance company then?

Yes, it is through Suntrust.
Thanks - the old one has been completely removed successfully.  I will try rotating it as suggested and let you know.  Thank you both for responding.
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