Author Topic: 727 to A518 swap a novice guide  (Read 270823 times)

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Re: 727 to A518 swap a novice guide
« Reply #240 on: July 13, 2022 - 01:56:28 AM »
Has there been any change in support for the 42RE A500 and 46RE A518 on older cars?  My plans still include an OD unit on my '71 Challenger small block and the RE versions are _SO_ much easier to find than the RH, and are definitely more affordable.

I contacted the place mentioned earlier in this thread that makes electronic controllers for the 42RH/46RH (currently not available due to supply chain) to see if their new version will provide support after seeing a blog article on their site about the use of their controller on a Power Wagon with a 46RE.  The site still only mentions the 'H' models. Waiting on a response and will post here when/if they do.

One other question.  What would be a fair price for a working, stock small block 727 with torque converter with about 75000 miles on it?  It could probably use refreshing but was working just fine.  Just looking at what cost offset it might provide towards a usable A518; I'm not letting it go without a working OD trans in hand.

Thanks for any info.

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Re: 727 to A518 swap a novice guide
« Reply #241 on: July 13, 2022 - 08:52:05 PM »
Buying a used trans is like choosing a girlfriend. You like her, but he doesn't , It might work out, but in the end, it's a used trans and some consider that basically a core. At a S.W.A.G., in my opinion $150-250? Good luck with the OD! :cheers: