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Member Registration
« on: January 25, 2011 - 12:18:17 PM »
Hey everyone.  This is a memo to all of you concerning the current member registration situation. We are manually going through every applicant for membership in order to try and eliminate spammers and such. EVERY day in a 24 hour period there are between 50-75 spammers trying to get in. The reason I am posting this is to tell you sort of what we look for when accepting/declining potential members. This is to inform you, so that you can inform your freinds that you refer to the site, what we look for.

Please tell your friends that if their potential user name and/or e-mail address are some sort of unpronouncible gobbledeegook, they will be declined. If they are the name of a product, porn site, or obvious spam, they will be declined.

In other words, please inform them that their user name MUST be a readable/identifiable  name to get in. Also, the e-mail address MUST be an actual useable address. Example: will be declined.

I am just trying to allow you folks to help get your friends registered with minimal issues. We don't want good folks getting turned down because of names they select that aren't readable.

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