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Carlisle / Re: Carlisle Dinner at Hershey Museum
« Last post by MEK-Dangerfield on Today at 04:23:42 pm »
I am number 1 . . . the big guy!  Was a great time and Viperboy put on a great show!   :thumbsup:

To say it was a great time is an understatement. I was blown away!

The food was great, especially the beef slices.   :droolingbounce:

We owe Jeff a great deal of gratitude after this show.    :worshippy
Cars for Sale / Re: 72 Cuda Project Car
« Last post by METAL BEE 68 on Today at 02:42:58 pm »
I emailed too. Like to know how comple it is
The Rest of the Tech / Re: Installing a Temperature Sender in a 340
« Last post by jhaag on Today at 02:07:27 pm »
Don't use silicone. I use teflon pipe fitting paste. Same as plumbers use. Teflon tape would work as well, but I prefer the paste. Use either sparingly as the sender needs to ground through the threads.
The Rest of the Tech / Installing a Temperature Sender in a 340
« Last post by CudaJon on Today at 01:31:45 pm »
Sorry for the simple question, but I'm installing a new Temperature Sender in my 340 and was planning to just use black silicone on the threads. Is this recommended or is there another technique, Teflon tape maybe??, anything I should be aware of??  Thanks!! :newbie:
Electrical / Re: 16.4 volts at the battery
« Last post by shadango on Today at 01:18:13 pm »
Ah, ok. Check the feed wire to the voltage limiter (Black Wire). The connector may be loose or corroded where it slips onto the terminal.

Geez -- where is the summer going.....

what are the chances I will be able to access the VL from under the dash?

Probably between slim and none and slim left town...LOL

Cause now, the fuel and temp gauges are dead the last few drives.......not coming back like before....hoping its just a wire and not the VL.....

Have to tear out the dash to get to the wire and the VL....and thats a pain.......thinking that pulling the drivers seat so I can go from underneath would be easier, but not sure its a straight shot or not...

In the meantime, I have to take the car to have a self-imposed dent looked at.....

And just before Carlisle, the battery died altogether so a new battery now graces the fish.   gauge still showing charging about the same so at least the battery is out of the equation.

I do hope to remember to check the last drop item you suggested soon.....honestly, it just keeps getting back burnered......sheesh.
Hi folks,

is there anybody with a 1970 Challenger (sorry, no Cudas of any help here) that has a vehicle-order-number (VON) in the range from "0829xx" to "0830xx"?

Do you than already know who the original dealership was that sold your car new in 1970 or have a broadcastsheet (a.k.a. buildsheet)?

If so, I would really appreciate if you contacted me. To do so, either use this board or send an email to "derheuschmidder" followed by "@" and then final-ending is "".

Why am I asking? Cause I have got no broadcastsheet to my 1970 Challenger or other appropriate documents, that would allow me to find out what was the original dealership that sold my car new in 1970.

Maybe this info helps others:

- VON 086302 belongs to a CUDA ordered from a dealership in Cleveland, OH.

You find your cars vehicle-order-number (VON) on your 1970 fendertag in the second line from bottom, it is the last 6 digits on the far right.

The Classics / Re: Members Engine Bay Photos
« Last post by amtronic1 on Today at 12:06:37 pm »
1966 Barracuda Commando 273 box stock other than SSBC disc brake/master cylinder upgrade.


Carlisle / Re: Carlisle Dinner at Hershey Museum
« Last post by 4Cruizn on Today at 11:18:18 am »
I am number 1 . . . the big guy!  Was a great time and Viperboy put on a great show!   :thumbsup:
Hi guys; Looking for a nice rear sway bar leaf spring/end link bracket. let me know if you can help.  Thanks,Dave
The Rest of the Tech / Re: Cuda, rear license plate frame bolt size?
« Last post by miamivice on Today at 10:12:47 am »
Thank you for your help!!  :cheers:
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