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Interior and Gauges / Re: 73 Cuda seats?
« Last post by 70CudaProstreet on Today at 01:59:56 am »
I'll try to post these pics.Having an issue with them being to big.
Newb Intros / Re: Hello from So.CAl!
« Last post by 70chall440 on Today at 12:03:52 am »
Well, if she remains your GF at that rate you should be good to go  :bigsmile:
Member's Restoration Projects sponsored by ROSEVILLE MOPARTS / Re: 73 Road Race Cuda
« Last post by 70chall440 on January 17, 2018 - 11:58:42 pm »
Finally figured out where to mount my accessory panel, I mounted it inside my center console, it is hinged so that I can get to by removing one side (passenger). All in all I think it will work well. Now, I can paint the console, install the fuse box and ECU and then run the wiring...  :bananasmi

For those interested, I will paint the console black with a texture and the center will have woodgrain like the original console. Still need to clean it up a little before paint but it is close.
The body is all painted and buffed out, all thatís left to buff out is the tail panel. So far everything is beautiful, and I love the single stage black. Heading down to the shop on Friday to take some nice shots of it and some HD video.

Newb Intros / Re: Hello from So.CAl!
« Last post by jimynick on January 17, 2018 - 11:17:31 pm »
Welcome to the site from Ontario,  :canada:  You may want to revise your GF $ ratio unless you're sleeping with/in your Cuda. LOL  :wave:
Cool to see you back and even better the updates.

Wondered what happened...


Thank you Mike, yeah I took about nine months off of the project dealt with my new house for a while. Just got caught up in all kinds of other stuff, itís good to be back on the site here. Not much traffic like there used to be on here  it seems!
Everything Else sponsored by JOSH'S MUSCLE CAR PARTS / Re: Beautiful San Francisco
« Last post by cudamadd on January 17, 2018 - 10:32:02 pm »
All policies around the world, must be on the same  **** .We have them brite sparks here too .  :aussie:
Newb Intros / Re: Hello from So.CAl!
« Last post by cudamadd on January 17, 2018 - 10:23:36 pm »
Welcom 2 C.C .com your car sounds great .And with the money lay out i think you are spot on .  :cheers: :aussie:
Parts for Sale / Re: The Last Spoiler
« Last post by 70chall440 on January 17, 2018 - 06:40:09 pm »
I really like the spoiler, however what I didn't like about them was the side profile and that spoiler sticking out there, therefore I built side skirts that close that gap between the spoiler and the lower valance; IMO makes it look cleaner or perhaps better said looks more complete.
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