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Hillbilly Days 2014
« on: April 18, 2014 - 08:17:08 AM »
Hillbilly Days 2014
    April 24 - 26
Pike county ky                    Muscle on  Main
'Mullins Mopar collection'- Must see!! Awesome when I saw.

Hillbilly car parade

  If any of you guys come around those dates let me know. I will be in the "Vanishing Point" tribute car. Wet County. :)  Moonshine legal or other. You best let me know ahead of time about "OTHER" ;)   Clear, Chartered , 'Monkey in a Jar' [mixed fruits].  Any flavor. If there is ANY law reading this .I am just kidding. ;) you all send PM if needed.
 P.S.= Wear bibbed overhauls or anything you like. Flop hats,  whatever. If you see pics you'll realize you can't be goofy looking enough. :)

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My wife ?   O.K.
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