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'70 Challenger 318 904
« on: July 08, 2013 - 05:45:24 PM »
Curious as to what my car would be worth as it is now.  I have no intentions of selling it but could use theinf for insurance purposes.

It's a driver, I drive it to work every day for a week at a time here and there, and cruise it all over the place to car shows.   It has the original 318 and 904 and is numbers matching on everything but the rear end.  It has the original interior in great shape except for the drivers seat.  A little surface rust inside the trunk floor, minor rust issues inside the cowl vents and a leaky back window thats caused an issues.  A body man told me it's all superficial and no panels need replaced.  The cars been repainted but thats shot.  '70s Keystone Klassics, upgraded to an 8-3/4 sure grip with 3:55 gears.  The motor has an RV cam, edelbrock intake and 4 bbl.  I added a ralley hood. Upgraded to a high torque starter.  All the tune up stuff is new including the distributor, gas tank.  Other than that it's all stock California car driver.  The motor smokes a bit on startup so it could use a refresh or maybe just valve seals.  Also, it's an AC car but everything in the motor bay has been removed.  I don't have a fender tag nor have I looked for a build sheet but I hear the LA built cards didn't have them. The paint shop kept the fender tags and original CA blue plates.

Some of the photos are from when I found it, the current ones show the ralley hood.  Also the clear coat is gone on the top of the fenders now and it's deteriorating rapidly.

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