Author Topic: Modiified Suspension Combinations for Handling and/ or drag racing  (Read 16515 times)

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Re: Modiified Suspension Combinations for Handling and/ or drag racing
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What rims are those? Looks great!

Entry/Update Date: 8/6/12

Model: Dodge Charger

Year: 1969

Total Weight: w/ wo  driver? :

4 corner weights if possible:  LF              RF

                                               LR              RR

Application: (Show, Daily Driver,  Autocross, road cource, Dedicated Race car, Drag ? ) Driver

Engine Package briefly: 440, 800cfm carb, performer RPM intake, mild cam, TTI exhaust

Estimate HP: FW or RWHP: 400?

Trans: 727



Rear end  Ratio: 3.55

Rear end Type: Sure Grip, Detroit, Spool, Open , Dana 60, 8 3/4? 8 3/4 sure grip

Front Tire Size Brand Model: BFG  Gforce KDW2 245/40/18

Front Rim width: 8

Rear tire Size Brand Model: BFG Gforce KDW2 285/40/18

Rear Rim Width: 10


Aftermarket Front End brand: Hotchkis TVS setup

Coil Rate:

Front Shocks: Edelbrock IAS

spindle type? , stock/aftermaket? : 73 A body

aftermarket front hubs? : Wilwood

Front Sway bar Dia: 1 3/8"

Torsion bar diameter: 1.03"

Bump steer measurements:


Aftermarket rear suspension brand: Hotchkis TVS setup

Coil rate:


Rear Leaf Suspension brand/ Rate: Hotchkis 160lb rate

Shocks: Edelbrock IAS

Rear Sway bar Dia: !"

Front Brakes: Wilwood

Rotor Dia Width: 10.75

Caliper-Pistons: 4 piston

Brake pad brand: Wilwood

Cooling Ducts:

Rear Brakes : Drum

Drum Size Dia Width: 11

Rotor Dia:

Rotor width:

Brake pad/shoe brand:

[b} Caliper- Pistons :

Master cylinder brand/application: Wilwood

Master cylinder diameter: 7/8

Stock pedals y/n : yes

Power brakes y/n : yes
 type ? hydroboost, stock?: Hydroboost

Manual brakes:


Subframe Connectors: Hotchkis

Torque Boxes:

Roll bar, Roll Cage:

Aftermarket stiffeners:


1. Best above improvement: Hydroboost

2. Least effective above improvement:

3.Future upgrades? 13" Baer brakes front and rear, gear vendors overdrive, and aluminum heads

4. Above car handles IMO on a 1-10 ( 10 best Viper, 1 stock): 6