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440 Motor
« on: March 21, 2007 - 07:46:14 AM »
I've got an opportunity to buy a 440 for my Cuda and wanted to know what you guys think of it and what it's worth before I go through with it.  It's a neighbor of mine and he's a real good guy so I don't think he would try to screw me on this, but just wanted to throw this out there and see what you guys think.  Here's the description he gave me:

   -Motor is a Dan Dvorak ballanced, blueprinted, line bored & decked &
     assembled  440. It has Weisco pistons, steel crank, 214/181 valved heads
     (Herb McCandless personally ported for me,) Dvorak custom pushrods &
     Lunatti cam, Perf Carb lazered & built 750 Holley with a M1 powdercoated
     intake, Miloden pan w/ hemi pickup, MSAD AL6 box. (Machining &
     assembly only was $3600.)

Block is drilled .30 over.

We went for a ride on Sunday and I was thrown back in my seat with the power that this engine has.  We laid about 2 telephone pole lengths of rubber  :burnout: and that's with his dart being mini-tubbed.  It sounds and runs strong.  He's letting it go to me for 3k.

Watcha think?  :clueless:

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