Author Topic: What have you spent on getting your car professionally painted?  (Read 1133 times)

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I had a painter lined up to paint my car, and now he is telling me that he isnt doing it any longer. I stopped by 3  restoration and paint shops in the Indianapolis area to get an idea of a cost. Of course they cant get me a close estimate without seeing it. But they did say somewhere between $20,000 to $30,000.
So I have completely stripped the paint off by hand, stripped the car to the shell, cut out and welded metal, no rust on this car. Spent countless hours on gaps, welding and grinding.
Bare metal now. Have taken lots of pictures to show the condition.
Will now apply epoxy

I would like to do some of the filler and blocking, because I like doing this and I have lots of supplies that I had purchased, but they want to do it all.
Any thoughts or ideas.
I want a dang good paint job, but I dont intend on showing it.

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Re: What have you spent on getting your car professionally painted?
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I totally understand why the body shops don't want you to do the body work under their paint. 
It's hard to warrantee paint when they don't know what had happened underneath the primer they paint over.

20-30K seems a little high since you have done all the metal work and have it prepped already for body work.  Especially if you have done all the gap work already. 

You might want to consider looking into the enthusiast painters that are in other states and bring your car to them.  Some of the known mopar enthusiasts that do this type of work have a reputation to uphold and will often times give a better job with better pricing. 

But I've only done a few paint jobs so I'm no expert.  Just giving my humble opinion.
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Re: What have you spent on getting your car professionally painted?
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A professional paint job can easily run $20K these days, the material generally runs $3-5K depending on color, brand, etc. As mentioned, no shop is going to let you do anything because when its done, they are holding the bag for the end result; in other words if it doesn't look good, has wavy panels, etc. the owner/customer is going to ***** to the paint shop about it.

You have to remember that body shops are businesses and as such have to think about their bottom line, dealing with a dissatisfied customer only cost money and a reputable shop will want control over every aspect. Additionally there is a product compatibility issue as a body shop is going to use products they know will work together. Lastly, body shops typically only do body work (which of course includes painting); subsequently they strictly control what chemicals are used in and around the shop as some things can have a very negative effect on/with paint. Point is case, Armor All; if that is stuff is used anywhere in a shop it will contaminate a car that is to be painted causing fish eyes which of course requires the car to be sanded and repainted (about pile of money for more paint). This holds true for any silicon based material. Most good body shops forbid anything with silicone anywhere near the shop.

So, if the customer preps a car, the paint shop has no idea what they are getting and are not willing to waste time or money that the customer knew what they are doing. This is why I paint my own cars.
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