Author Topic: 1974 Cuda Headlight Buckets and H4 LED conversion  (Read 1032 times)

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1974 Cuda Headlight Buckets and H4 LED conversion
« on: June 27, 2020 - 09:02:51 PM »
Newbie from the North - Working on my 1974 Cuda 360 - recently been doing bodywork outside when the weather permits and working on refurbishing the wire harnesses when the weather is crap. Almost done with the harnesses - just one more thing I want to do there is to hook up something for a DRL type driving light mod in the dash harness. I am a big believer in DRLs - largely cause I nearly kissed the grill of a Pontiac about 40 years ago when the headlight burned out on my Kawasaki 500.
So I pulled out the headlight adaptors and buckets I have for the car tonight. None came with the car - I have 3 adaptors that I picked up from swap meets or somewhere and refinished them and I have 5 or 6 adjustment buckets.
Not sure I noticed till tonight that all 3 adaptors are the same - so 4 bolts align on the left fender but only 3 align on the right fender. The parts book lists the adaptors as quantity 2 part number 3573490 - which would lead me to believe they are supposed to be the same. Does one only mount on 3 bolts? (true on both the fiberglass fenders I got with the car years back and the Goodmark ones I bought recently.
For the buckets the car is a late production - February 1974 build. The parts book calls for 1 each 3781424 and 3781425 for builds after 17th of January '74 - anyone know what would be different for those last weeks of production?
The real reason I got into this tonight - for a DRL system I am thinking keep it simple and just run the headlights full juice. But the life of the sealed beams is only something like 200 hours so I was thinking about going to an LED conversion - like an H4 HELLA 002395071 system with an H4 LED bulb. I just put an H4 LED in my Goldwing this spring and quite pleased with it. I was trying to measure the clearances in the fender to see if the 35mm fan extension on the H4 LED would clear. Looks like it should - anyone tried this? Roy