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  This thread is dedicated to our members and their cars.   


This will be a thread of all the members rides with pictures and information on their car.  They should be able to edit their one post to upgrade the info or replace the pics as their restoration progresses.  Please post you info and car no matter what condition or stage you at at.  Whether it is a rust bucket, in a million pieces or a completed show car, we would all like to see it.  Sometime I forget who has what??  This will be a great place to keep track. 

**I will be monitoring this thread and will remove all posts that don't follow the format.  If you would like to comment on a picture or this thread, please look for the discussion thread in this section.   

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Farmboy70cowboymadmax440SuperBlue 72MoparMan11
plumbeeperHemiOrange70Rusty CudaAprilsPink72CudaRare_T_A
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Title: Re: PICTURES OF OUR CARS (please post only once with your car)
Post by: 426HEMI on November 25, 2007 - 01:57:14 PM
Here is my ride as it is right now.  Believe it or not it is drivable.  Can hardly wait to get started on it.
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: Ornamental on November 25, 2007 - 02:39:36 PM
'72 Challenger Rallye 340/727  8 3/4.

I bought it in august 2005. I live in Oslo, Norway.

It's painted Panther Pink, but some spots in the engine room reveals that it used to be a white color. Fender tag is missing, so I've no idea of it's original specs.
VIN #: JS23H2B433645

Engine cast #: Could be MH 340 R 89888183, or most likely, it's MH 340 R 39388183.
It's condition is fairly good. Looks good at a distance, but up close it's clear that this isn't a show car.
Interior is very nice though.

All harnesses have been replaced with new ones from Year One, still some bits and bobs to be replaced in the dash.

Got OEM windshield wiper arms, wiper blades, and refurbished wiper motor installed.

Alterktion front suspension (, Street Lynx rear suspension ( , Holley 750cfm, Edelbrock Air Gap intake, ported and milled heads to achieve 9.5:1 compression, aluminium radiator, Pertronix ignition, custom fuel tank with sump and electric pump, XV chassis stiffening kit, Dougs Headers with ceramic coating, and white / amber LED running lights / parking lights.

1970 Challenger R/T

( (

( (

Bought this one a few days ago. VIN: JS23U0E102400
The seller told me it had been dragracing in the States at some time. I will try to find out more about the past of this car.

The engine is a warmed over 440 with Indy heads and intake, Holley Ultra 750 cfm double pumper carb, unknown cam, seller told me the crank shaft is internally balanced.
The tranny is a TCI Street Fighter. Rear axle appears to be stock, don't know the gearing.
Alterktion, four-link, and wheels from The Pink Panther will be moved over to the R/T, and The Pink Panther will put up for sale.

It came Plum Crazy from the factory, and it will be Plum Crazy again, after a lot of little things have been sorted out.
The wiring urgently needs to be replaced.  :eek7:
The hood will be replaced with a T/A hood,
The fuel tank will be replaced with a custom one with an internal pump (Currently it has an external pump mounted in the trunk, directly on the X-frame behind the rear seat! It's waaay too loud).
The seats will be replaced.
The dashbord got cracks and broken vents which needs to be sorted, and a complete new heating system is required too, because right now there's nothing there, I won't bother with installing AC.
The exhaust tips and rear muffler will be replaced with TTi tips and some or another muffler. Maybe a stock one from ECS, unless the ECS guy here will die from a heart attack induced by seeing what's on there now.  ;)
The reverse light lens will be replaced with a stock clear one.
A EFI conversion might be prudent, considering the double pumper. Fuel is expensive here.

Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: farmboy70 on November 25, 2007 - 02:49:37 PM
1973 Cuda
340 four speed numbers match   355 Sure-grip
Build is in the restoration section.
1970 Challenger under construction
Great idea on this post!
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: MEK-Dangerfield on November 25, 2007 - 02:57:42 PM
MEK-Dangerfield here.  :wave:

1970 Challenger.

Car bought in Oct. of 2000 80% done, and still working on it.  :grinyes:

440 engine, 10:1 compression, Lunati 292 cam, Trango shift-kit to go along with a 3:23 sure-grip rear.   :burnout:

PPG paint, Radiance II, wineberry over violet.



2009 Challenger.

  Still numbers matching.   :lol:  Modifications ongoing.    :working:



Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: plumbeeper on November 25, 2007 - 03:10:01 PM
It's not an E-body, but it is a Mopar. Had it since 1980, finished in 1995, well actually are they ever finished?
383 HP
8-3/4, 390
Factory Air Grabber
Factory FC7
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: ROMI on November 25, 2007 - 03:33:58 PM
For now, here's a pic...
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: rtgambit on November 25, 2007 - 03:48:22 PM
"The Dark Horse project"

1971 Challenger R/T
383 /w 4 speed & 8-3/4 (3.23 open from the factory)
All black car, no stripes or vinyl top

Bought September of 98, been a slow resto ever since.

I'm near Kingston, Ontario, Canada - the very east end of Lake Ontario (half-way between Toronto and Montreal).


Panel work so far:
Driver floor
Section of front passenger floor
Both rear passenger floors
Rear passenger seat area
Driver side rear frame rail
Trunk floor
Both trunk extensions
Rear crossmember
Both lower quarter panels
Trunk filler area between crossmember and tailpanel (just finished!)

Still needs:
Dutchman panel
Windshield area repair
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: js27 on November 25, 2007 - 04:25:33 PM
Here are my two babies.
1st-1970 Challenger R/T Convertiable. Restored all original sheet metal Calif. car including trunk-bumbers-and sidelights. Restored as per broadcast sheet and fender tag with the exception of the motor. The original 383 was swapped out back in the 70's for a 440. The motor now is a 440-30 over with 9.7 to 1 comp. 512 lift Lunita hyd. cam 3000 stall converter by Frank Lupo.8 3/4 4.10 surgrip-complete MSD ingnition-Hooker 1 7/8" headers--Edelbrock RPM dual plane intake--Holley 4779 750 dual feed double pumper-Moroso 8 qt pan with windage tray.The car has power top with power steering and manual drum brakes. The very rare color combination is Hemi Orange with a T5 Saddle Tan SE Leather Interior. It took me 6 years of bugging the original owner who lived 2 miles from my house to sell it to me.I have owned it since 1998.
2nd is my 1967 GTX. This car is completely restored to showroom conditions. All number and dates match. It was featured in two Mopar Magazines and was judged in the very first Carlisle CSO judging in 1994 by Roger Gigson and Galen and 11 other top Mopar men at the time.  Powered by a 440 with a console auto and a 323 suregrip,
I have owned it since 1992

JS27 : :wavingflag:
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: bordin34 on November 25, 2007 - 05:07:25 PM
My 1973 Charger SE. It has a 400 with a mild cam, 650cfm 4bbl to a 1970 4bbl intake, same one used on 383 cudas, to headers with a 2.5" dual exhaust with an H-pipe.
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: jvike on November 25, 2007 - 05:12:36 PM
Hi, my name is Joakim Vike, I live in Norway, born in 1981. I have a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda that I've made to be an AAR replica/clone/recreation/tribute, call it whatever you want. Now it is converted to a Pro-Touring car. The car was styled as a 'Cuda when I got it and it had a 340 that I discovered was from a 1972 model. It was Velvet black with red hockeystripes, and black interior. I bought it from Seattle in 2005. If any previous owners read this the VIN is BH23G0E102684.

( (

( (

Factory Options:
318 V8
Burnt Orange Metallic

Exterior Modifications:
Painted in Nissan Apple Pearl Green
AAR'Cuda Spoiler
AAR'Cuda Fiber glass hood
AAR'Cuda Stripes and emblems
AAR'Cuda black grill with trim
MAS fiberglass front spoiler
Road Lamps

Interior Modifications:
High Back chairs
Console with Slap Stik
New Dashpad
Rally Dash instruments
Rim Blow steering wheel

340ci LA Small block V8
Griffin Aluminium radiator
"915" Cast Iron "J" heads with 1.88"/1.60" valves
Crane Cams H-272-2 hydraulic camshaft
Edelbrock Performer RPM Air-Gap intake
Holley 4150 650 cfm DP carburetor
K&N airfilter with X-treme top
TTI 2,5" dual exhaust with X-Pipe
Flowmaster Deltaflow 40 mufflers

XV Motorsports Chassis Stiffening System
- XV Engine Compartment Brace
- XV Laser Cut Sub-Frame Connectors
- XV Mandrel Bent Lower Radiator Support / Front Frame Rail Connector
- XV Inner Fender Braces
XV Motorsports Level II Front Suspension
- Aluminum K-Member – Mandrel Bent
- Aluminum Lower Control Arms
- Aluminum Uprights w/ Modern Sealed Bearing Hubs
- Billet Aluminum CNC Upper Control Arms
- XV Aluminium Bodied Mono Tube Single Adjustable Coilovers
- Quick Ratio Variable Rate Modern Rack
- NASCAR Style Splined Tubular Sway Bar w/ Billet Aluminum Arms
XV Motorsports Level II Rear Suspension
- 3-Link
- XV Aluminium Bodied Mono Tube Single Adjustable Coilovers
- Adjustable Panhard Bar
- NASCAR Style Splined Tubular Sway Bar w/ Billet Aluminum Arms
- Billet Aluminum CNC Trailing Arms
XV Motorsports Level II Front Brake Kit - 14"
- XV / Stop Tech Pressure Forged Aluminum 6 Piston Calipers
- XV / Stop Tech Two Piece Slotted 14" Rotors
- Billet Aluminum Hats
- Directional Rotor Cooling Vanes
- Billet Aluminum Caliper Mounting Brackets
- DOT Approved Braided Stainless Brake Hoses
XV Motorsports Level II Rear Brake Kit – 13”
- XV / Stop Tech Pressure Forged Aluminum 2 Piston Calipers
- XV / Stop Tech Two Piece Slotted 13” Rotors
- Billet Aluminum Hats
- Directional Rotor Cooling Vanes
- Billet Aluminum Caliper Mounting Brackets
- DOT Approved Braided Stainless Brake Hoses
- Rear Parking Brake Assembly includes all requisite cables to integrate with factory parking brake system
Hydratech Braking Systems Hydraboost
Forgeline WC3 3-piece Forged wheels with titanium hardware18x9.5" and 18x12"
Toyo R888 275/35-18 and 335/30-18

TCI Streetfighter A727 Torqueflight transmission
TCI Streetfighter 10" converter
Earl's transmission cooler
Moroso Deep pan transmission oilpan
B-Body 8-3/4 rearend, Sure-Grip, 3.23:1 gears
Moser axles

Alpine CDA-9855R MP3/CD/RDS headunit
Rockford Fosgate PUNCH P450.4 amplifier
Rockford Fosgate PUNCH P132C 3.5" 2-Way Full-Range front speakers
Rockford Fosgate PUNCH P1694C 6"x9" 4-Way Full-Range rear speakers
Battery relocated to the trunk
Optima Yellowtop

( (

( (

My best timeslip is:
1/8 Mile ET:9.539
1/8 Mile MPH:78

( (

( (

( (

Future plans is to make the interior nicer, and to make it handle. And.. I want more power!  :grinyes:
In the summer time It is my daily driver, In the winter it's my moneypit.  :-X
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: HP2 on November 25, 2007 - 05:16:09 PM
The car relavent to this site is a late 74 production Challenger. Originally avocado green with white vinyl top and white interior, a/c, and every light, stripe, and chrome option available that year, 318 2bbl, 904 awefulmatic trans and 8 3/4 rear with 2:76 peg leg.

I picked it up in '01 in its current dark blue paint. There are at least 7 layers beneath the current color so it will need stripped some time and when it does, I can fix some of the rust in the rear quarters. Headlight covers are fixed for participation at open track events, but I'm working on some method of movable opening so they can remain hidden during the day. To be honest, the car is kind of a pile and needs a complete make over, but it isn't in the cards right now, so I drive it.

Engine is currently a 360 4bbl ,4 spd, with 3:55 sure grip. New engine dynos over 400 horses altitude adjusted at the crank but being that I use it at a 5000ft altitude, it only has around 275 at the wheels (FWIW a mild big block will only make 180-200, so I can't complain too much). Car is being used as a test bed for suspension and chassis mods. It has had stock t bars, springs, and no sway bars all the way up to 1.2 t-bars, adjustable sway bars and mondo heavy springs with various styles of shocks. I'm collecting all the data  to create a matrix of what mods create what benefit to handling at what price. Figure it will be good data to share with others as well as enjoying the tinkering in the mean time.

Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: Chryco Psycho on November 25, 2007 - 05:17:44 PM
this is my baby purchased spring 80 , it is a real R/T SE ,440 4spd  , FC7 with a Be stripe originally I have been promising to restore it for 27 years . :banghead:
it has the original black leather interior , original carpet it is low milage & virtually rust free ,I have only put 6000 miles on it since I have owned it 
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: moparclown on November 25, 2007 - 05:19:50 PM
My baby for 14 years
Was a daily driver when I first got it,then spent a few years sitting all apart.I then met the people of this site and they gave me all of the encouragement to get going on it.The 318 was removed and a built 360 with a 904 low gear set and 323 sure grip 8 3/4 rear.The car could use a paint job ,but that will have to wait-------------
because in the garage is my project car a 71 Cuda,I hope to start on real soon.I think the sign on the garage sums it up.
I have also added another car to the stable,my 92 Electric blue Daytona Iroc
I am waiting for next one to arrive(being transported)1993 Dodge Daytona Iroc R/T(White one with rear louvers)
and another just arrived last weekend,a 92 daytona Iroc(white one next to the blue one)
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: kingtroll on November 25, 2007 - 06:00:27 PM
Well here is my 74 Barracuda. It has a 340 (originally 318) with edelbrock intake, headman hedders and 727 torqueflight transmission with 2500 stall convertor. I have had her for a little over a year now and am always trying to improve her. I have done a lot of improvements and am now currently replacing front floor pans, Carburetor (edelbrock thunder series 650 ), carpet and front seat belts, front wheel bearings, powering steering box, front shocks (kyb), inner tie rods and some other misc items. I still have a ways to go before I finish with her but I am enjoying cruising with her as I fix her.

Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: DAYTONA on November 25, 2007 - 06:17:20 PM
...3 E-Bodys

...Plum T/A, 4 spd....all correct 50K mile car....purchased in 1988...all original except painted in 1983...still looks new

...White T/A, 4 spd...all original 15K mile survivor car....never painted or touched since new...purchased 2006 from long time owner

...Lime RT conv, 383 AT....purchased 2006 from long time local owner, matching numbers and lotsa miles, waiting for a resto

...other old MOPARS, but they aren't E-Bodys....A12 Bee, Superbird, 66 Belvedere conv,
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: cowboy on November 25, 2007 - 06:25:47 PM
-    :wave:
Hi, I'm Ken, - living in Denmark - 1 wife - 2 dogs - 3 kids, and 4 MoPars..
1971 Challenger R/T 340cui. aut. clone vert. Purchased here on CC.C early 2007..
And a 1968 Plymouth Barracuda on it's way to be street legal..
67 Barracuda notchback - 470 cui. race-car, on it's way to the track..
And a 1957 DeSoto..
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: DAYLEY/CHALLENGER on November 25, 2007 - 06:34:16 PM
Bought in April 2004 locally in Rockingham, Nc.  Have been working on her for 3 1/2  years.  Had non original 440, auto and is R/T S/E model.  Have done all the work myself in my house garage execpt the painting.  Website is maintained by one of my sons and is  ....     .  This shows the progress and I also have a thread in the restoration section.   I am closer that I was and am trying not to get in a hurry.  I am posting a  pic when I got her and one  more recent.   But there are changes every couple of days.  I enjoy this forum and appreciate all the help and information I have gotten here.  There are a lot of good folks here and know their stuff...........David

Put tags on her 1st of Feb...08....Been doing some driving since then..... :burnout:

Added the hood blackout ..........7/10


Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: HemiOrange70 on November 25, 2007 - 06:35:50 PM
70 Challenger undergoing restoration. Getting painted original EV2 (hemiorange) with a rebuilt 70 date code 340. what it looked like, the motor and what it looks like now.....
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: 71340RT on November 25, 2007 - 07:09:24 PM
Got my 71 Challenger RT in 1989 and picked up my 70 Cuda in boxes in 2000. Both cars were restored back to close to stock in my garage.
71 Challenger RT Lt. Gunmetal metalic black stripe vinyl top & interior
340 4 barrel, automatic, console, slap stick
engine has J heads with 202 valves with stock exhaust and intake manifolds along with stock thermoquad carburetor
power disc brakes
power steering
light group
performance axle package 3:55 change out to 3:23 suregrip
Air conditioning
Rallye wheels
Hood pins

70 Cuda Tora-Red Black strip and interior
340 pistol grip overdrive 4-speed
Engine has X 202 heads with stock intake and exhaust manifolds along with stock AVS carburetor
Rally dash
power steering
power disc brakes
Rallye wheels
performance axle package 3:55 changed out to 3:23 sure grip
Hood pins
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: 70challrtse on November 25, 2007 - 07:24:43 PM
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: 70RTdroptop on November 25, 2007 - 07:39:44 PM
I picked up my 1970 Challenger from southern MO in March 2004, after looking for 2 years. I wanted either a Plum Crazy or Panther Pink car, but my wife told me in no uncertain terms that she would not be seen in the same car with me if it was pink car, so to keep peace, I went with FC7.

Originally a 318 SE car, cloned to a 440-6 RT Slapstik convert. Previous owner did most of the work, I finished it up when I got it.

3.55 Sure Grip

Original California car, all original sheet metal.

Original FC7 Plum Crazy paint with white bumblebee stripe
Rebuilt the engine - a '67 block, align bored, balanced and blueprinted; decked the block and heads; stuffed it with forged pistons, steel crank, hotter than stock cam - she purrs when idling, and screams when I let all the ponies loose :grinyes:

New dash, new carpet, rebuilt gauges

Couple of minor things to do yet, but by and large, I am very happy with how the car looks and how it drives. Judging from the thumbs up when I drive it, so do a lot of other people!
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: 422STROKER on November 25, 2007 - 07:43:15 PM
1972 Dodge Challenger

Painted EV2  BC/CC
T/A Hood, Rear and Front Spoiler along with modified Side Stripe and Fender callouts.
422 Stroker SB Doug's Headers Summit 2.5" Exhaust
727 Auto and 3.23's
Best 1/4 to date at 12.77 going 108+
17" Foose Nitrous II rims
Custom Carbon Fiber inserts and Shifter Handle from Gunslinger
Custom made Speaker Box in Trunk Sony Head unit with IPOD interface hidden in Ash tray
Subframe connectors
All assembly work done by me!  Only thing I didn't touch was the exterior paint and body/exhaust.
Motor by MOPER on the board

When I bought it it was Red, White and Blue and in need of some work....

Been working on it off and on for 2.5 years.


By tdavist (, shot with DSC-P72 ( at 2008-05-01


By tdavist (, shot with DSC-P72 ( at 2008-05-24

By tdavist (, shot with DSC-P72 ( at 2008-04-10

By tdavist (, shot with DSC-P72 ( at 2008-04-06

By tdavist (, shot with DSC-P72 ( at 2008-04-30

( (
By tdavist (

By tdavist ( at 2008-06-26

By tdavist (, shot with u780,S780 ( at 2008-06-09

By tdavist (, shot with DSC-P72 ( at 2008-07-13

Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: IMNCARN82 on November 25, 2007 - 07:53:44 PM
Here's "the story."  I wuz 4 yrs. old (1974) My dad took me to a sport show/car show in Milwaukee.I got lost.Came up to all these people gathered around something.I was scared,pushing through all the people I found myself on stage with a purple 71 HEMI 'cuda. My fear turned to awe.My dad grabbed me off the stage.I knew I would have one. Later on I fell for the AAR. I got hotweels and toys.I'm a nut case. In highscool everybody had cars...Chevy...Fords... Just wasn't me. I had a 72' Dodge Demon and a 67' Coronett 440. Now I'm building my dream 'cuda.

1973 Plymouth 'cuda 340. Date/factory correct block.Car was metallic brown with white side stripe black gut.Auto now replaced with Keisler 5 speed.375 h.p,3:91's,frame connectors,XV rad. support,alterKation front end,TTI headers,Baer brakes X4,17" VWW V48 wheels.Rallye guages,White faces,red lights,racing buckets.  AAR tribute  guess  :worshippy
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: R/T on November 25, 2007 - 07:56:50 PM
I bought this car on E-bay in July of 2005. It came from Fargo North Dakota.
I am in the process of buying parts to finish now and plan to put her in the paint shop before spring. I will be replacing the fenders, hood, rear decklid and both valances before paint. I also will be adding a 2800 stall converter and a set of Mopar Rally wheels 15X7
Rebuilt 440 ci engine (1976 block)
 Holley 750,   Aluminum radiator, electric fan, headers, cam (.236 duration at .050),  Flowmaster 40 series mufflers.

Rebuilt 727 automatic transmission -
3:55 gears open soon to be suregrip. I have bought the diff but am waiting for my new Espo springs


Full Quarter Panel and wheel house replaced on the passenger side. Lower Quarter Patch panel replaced on the driver side Front driver floor pan replaced, passenger just needed a small patch. Rear floors were solid.
Front suspension was rebuilt and rebushed. 
New gas tank and sender installed.
Fiberglass fenders on the front that need some finishwork. To be relaced with steel.
The engine bay was sandblasted and painted rally red with an acrylic urethane, same with the door jambs.
The underside of the car has been sandblasted and painted with a red enamel.


New headliner, carpet and dashcap installed. The front seats are very torn up and the rear seat has a spot where the seem has torn about 2 inches. Will be redoing the seats and carpet soon. carpet has faded badly

Sunpro tach with shift lite.

Car has a Sony CD player and an amp and subwoofers

Weld Draglites with new BF Goodrich Radial TA's  235/60/15 on front and 275/50/15 on back. New front brakes and lines. New master cylinder.

Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: Jacksboys on November 25, 2007 - 07:58:26 PM
1971 Dodge Challenger

(Originally a 318 car)
360 + 0.030 over
10:1 Compression
RPM Heads and Intake
Comp Cam XE268H
600cfm Edelbrock
Hedman Hedders

904 - Stock rebuild
Original 318 converter
(stalls about 2000RPM)

8 3/4
(currently open)

Disc brakes off a 76 Dart
Manual steering gear off of a 70 Dart
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: Morris'_Mopars on November 25, 2007 - 08:25:04 PM
500 stroker
727 automatic 3800stall
4.10 gear
low 11 sec. street car


Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: gkring on November 25, 2007 - 09:17:30 PM
The barracuda and the challenger, both projects.
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: BIGSHCLUNK on November 25, 2007 - 09:34:15 PM
True numbers correct 70 R/T (cowl /door/firewall/trans/rad/ect)with one exception.
2001 MP 426 HEMI   I perfer to think of her as a "one off" I hate the "clone" word.
750 Holley DP
8 3/4 Sure Grip
727 Trans
2 repaint - (1) repaint (outer only)                                                                                                            Power Steering/Manual Brakes
Converted to SSBC front discs (slotted) Summer 07
New top and interior before I bought her. Legendary seat covers/top/top boot
YADAYADAYADA she is what she is and happy to be part of this site!  :2thumbs:
More updates next year!!!!
(for those that dont know - Chris)

UPDATE for 08
New trunk floor
new floor braces
new gas tank
sender (3/8 line for HEMI)
new fuel lines ans seperator (HEMI)
seals body plugs (trunk related)
anti rattle clips for the top
washer nozzle kit
New gaskets front on motor /  Crank seal ect

rear seatbelts restored
pistol grip for shifter
new chrome shoter plate
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: bentpshrods on November 25, 2007 - 09:41:52 PM
  I bought my car in July 1977. It is a # matching 340/AT/3.55 suregrip.  The engine has been bored .030,10.5:1,292 purple shaft cam, Holley 770 street avenger with Elderbrock RPM Airgap manifold.  TTI X-pipe exhaust. Trany has full manual transgo shift kit with 3000 stall converter.  This car is a two tag car with  A/C,PS,PDB,6-way seat,rear window defrost,front & rear spoiler pkg,road lamps,rear window louvers, with the full ralleye pkg. Nicely optioned car.  I parked it in the garage in 1985 with a broke transmission and it sat for 21 years.  One day on the computer I stumbled upon and this re-ignited my interest to get it fired back up. Got it started in late fall 06 and spent this last summer (07) going to all the cruises and shows I could. This winter I plan to start striping it down in preparation for a paint job this spring(I hope). Staying with orig. FC7 color but will probably add a billboard stripe.
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please post only once!)
Post by: Street_Challenged73 on November 25, 2007 - 10:05:14 PM
I purchased my '73 Challenger in the fall of '02 when I was 17.  It was originally a 318-powered, F-8 Dark Metallic Green paint, green vinyl top, and green interior car.  My plan is to have a white top, white interior, and white side stripe to compliment the Plum Crazy exterior.  Under the hood it'll have a date-coded 340 that will be painted the original Corporate Blue, but will hopefully have the internals built somewhere around the 500 horsepower range.  I'm planning on some nice aftermarket 17" wheels wrapped in Z-rated tires to coincide with the suspension modifications I've made.  The car originally came from Arkansas, but I found it in a local advertising paper in a smaller town near Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Needless to say, I went there, inspected it, and liked what I saw. I had the lower quarters reskinned, but the rest of the car was extremely solid, considering it was stored around the rust belt for many years.

The first time I saw it:

How it looks as of now:
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Post by: Madmax440 on November 25, 2007 - 10:17:50 PM
Engine : 440 with aluminum heads, manifold and barry grant six shooter. Interior : Black leather buckets front and black vinyl rear seats. Wheels : Billet Specialty Nemesis with BF Goodrich tires.   
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Post by: sleepychallenger on November 25, 2007 - 10:34:13 PM
This is my 70 Challenger R/T. I got it from my dad in 2004 as a bribe to join the Air Force. He had it for 28 years and passed it down. It was originally from Huntington Beach California and then my dad bought it from his boss in 1976 at a union 76 service station. He got rid of his road runner for it. It was ordered with a flat hood and no stripes and no R/T badging on the trunk. matching numbers 383 HP, 727, 8 3/4, burnt orange on burnt orange. it has a hemi grind cam and a 30 overbore but thats it. it is an on going daily driver project and i wouldnt have it any other way. I have changed the front brakes to disc from a 73 sattelite and the next mod is the rallye hood coming in Jan. I also plan on changing it to a 4 or 5 speed if i ever get the motivation and money. well, that is my story. 


the 727 turned out not to be matching numbers  :'(  however, she is now a 4 speed with the fiberglass hood. I am currently searching for the stuff to build a 438 Stroker for it. I have a block on hold, but need the rest. This will be my wifes first time doing anything to a car and our first engine build together.  :bigsmile: Just thought i would post a quick update
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Post by: RUSTY Cuda on November 25, 2007 - 11:35:20 PM
Guess it's needless to say but there sure are a lot of FINE cars round here! :2thumbs:
 I'm from north eastern NJ, transplanted from Queens NY where I grew up. Just turned 55 & had no time for a hobby till a few years ago, my first two sons were off to college & the little guy only kept me busy a few days a week,so I started lookin for something to do, boy did I find it,the rustbucket, bout 6 years later & i'm gettin close. Since I got it round 01 , the older 2 have graduated, # one graduated fordham, moved out & getting married next oct, the 2nd is half in & half out, working a job that takes him to south jersey a few days a week & his girl is half way down by rutgers(where he graduated) so a few days there & a few here. Little guy is not so little anymore, 7th grade . all created by one wife whom I think I'll keep, too old to break in another one now! So thats my little family, now here's the cars!
I will submit my projects , trying to recreate my old baby.
 1=74/360 'Cuda   Bought new in late 73 & sold in 81
 2=the first candidate that I thought I could afford(HA) cheap enough but really everything was shot cept the drive train(I hope) kinda looks decent there, but I assure you it was NOT! 73 barracuda somewhat cloned to a 'Cuda
 3=after taking SOME of the rotted metal off
 4-5&6= as she stands now, still need the whole interior, but a little more work on the outside & it will be street leagle.
Mildly worked 360 est bout 350 hp, 727/shift kit & 355 gears out back.
 7=A little more like my orig in options, 74 360 still short a few options I had (rally dash for one) but it's got a/c & at my age I definatly need that for summer crusin! Blue on blue car, I'll keep the B5 outside, but may black & blue the interior, will go back to as stock as possible(if I ever finish the first one!)
add in a more recent shot, almost ready to hit the road!

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Post by: 72hemi on November 25, 2007 - 11:36:06 PM
Here are mine. The first is my pride and joy. It is a 72 Challenger with a 340 with 2 four barrel Carter carbs. I have had this Challenger for more than 11 years now and drove it all through high school. I took it to my Senior Prom, my wife's Senior Prom and to our wedding. The second car is my next project which is going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait is a 70 Challenger A66 car. 340 4 speed factory plum crazy white interior white stripe car.
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Post by: 4Cruizn on November 25, 2007 - 11:44:10 PM

My name is 4Cruizn and I'm a Moparoholic.  Below is my addiction. First is my 1973 original black 'Cuda. 

Bought it in 1982 while in my last year of highschool.  This is my first car. Currently it has a 500+CI stroker motor that is under repair with a 18 spline trans/dana60.  The original 340 and it's 4 speed sit in a corner of my garage for safe keeping.  This is my first wife. 

Second is my 1970 barracuda convertible.  Originally orange with black accents, now purple with white. 440 auto with shaker and power top.  Nothing like cruising with the top down enjoying the sound of that 440!  Very cool! 

I live in Michigan half way between Detroit and Lansing.  Enjoy going to Woodward Cruise, Mopar Nationals, Carlisle All mopar show and the US Nationals in Indi. 
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Post by: Swedefish on November 26, 2007 - 08:43:26 AM
These are my rides.
I`ve owned my Fastback since -84, bought it as a rolling shell. It`s a factory 383 4-speed Formula S.
Although not with the original engine or trans. Had it inspected (for the first time  :woohoo: )by the Swedish DMV late this summer.
So I had a couple of weeks on the road , at last.

Bought the Convert 3 years ago from Peet in Colorado who was the second owner, it has 65 K on the odo.
My plans for the convert is to keep her in this shape since I consider it as a survivor.
It`s a 318, 904 car
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Post by: wally426ci on November 26, 2007 - 09:48:18 AM
Here are mine..

'71 Challenger originally F7 Green with a 318/904 Combo, A78 is the SE package for this year only and i was lucky enough to find this car in 2001 for $2500, but it needed everything. Luckily, noone had tried to rebuild this car in the past, and it sat in a garage for about 15years prior to seeing daylight again. As you guys know, our cars always look nice to others, but we could go around and point out everything. I need to: get a rechromed rear bumper, replace dash, TTI headers, Passenger fender, front brakes before next season. My car is now a 408/727 combo, hooker headers, '70 B5... theres more but i cant think, report back later

'69 Dart, just started. this was my mothers car at once. stay posted in the restoration projects forum....
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Post by: Finoke on November 26, 2007 - 11:21:37 AM
70 Barracuda. Low miles, slant six automatic. Red exterior with Black bench seat interior.

Its going through a rotisserie resto in my garage. Its ultimately going to become a Black exterior with red interior Hemi Cuda clone!

If I don't go broke first  :naughty:
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Post by: DMZ73 on November 26, 2007 - 11:45:27 AM
Great cars, great people.

Here is my contribution:
My 73 Challenger purchased out of AZ in 06. I purchased the 73 with a 72 as a package deal, and offed the 72.  I bought the cars sans engine and trans.
This is what it looked like when I bought it. < >
The 73 Challenger Had been sitting inthe desert for 12+ years, rotting the roof, and the dutchman and the trunk floor. It had been tagged on every corner, some areas worse than others. The cool thing was the underbody was perfect, and overall the car was unmolested and unmodified. It lived its life a s a plain Jane, 318, auto console/bucket car, white exterior, white interior, black vinyl roof. Heck, it even had a trailer hitch.
The car is currently undergoing a slow and steady "resto"

Here she sits: < >
< >

I should have it in paint by next fall, if all goes according to plan.

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Post by: inot2old on November 26, 2007 - 12:00:34 PM
Here is mine.
'71 Barracuda, originally a 318 car, now has a 440.  New TCI 727, 4.10 rear.
Here are a couple of vids also. ( (

Also a picture of my daughters new project.  1970 Charger, originally a 318 also. Was green of green, she wants is black with a red bumblebee stripe & black interior. 
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Post by: GoodysGotaCuda on November 26, 2007 - 09:44:33 PM
Alrighty, my 1972 Plymouth Barracuda. Factory 318/904 car, original lemon twist, canada export car. Car was bought on eBay about three years ago when i was 17, saved it from turning into a drag car actually! what a shame! Anyway, the car was daily driven late 2004, 2005, and most of 2006. 318 has a few modifications, 3500rpm stall converter, shift kit, 3.91 r&p. Fun car to drive around in for now. I have a late Mopar Performance short block 360 I'll build up for it one day. Block accepts tappet or roller cams, magnum or LA heads. Would like a magnum roller setup for it, and some boost! Some day  :thinkerg:

Wheels are american racing 17 and 18 torq thrusts. 295s out back, 235s up front. Interior has a harms shifter, autometer gauges, alpine and polk audio stereo.

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Post by: KellysCuda aircard on November 26, 2007 - 11:20:19 PM
This is my money pit, its a 74, with not much left that is original.
Be Cool rad, Firm Feel steering, Eddie heads, Msd billit distributer and ignition, BDS blower , Lunati solid roller with comp stainless roller rockers, comp rods, diamond pistons, total seal rings, Chenelworth bottom end girdle, arp stud kit, dual 750 demons, TTI headers with 3" flow masters, XV steering colum, custom built 727 with reverse valve body, custom built drive shaft, 8.75 rear with a detroit locker, moser axils, weld wheels, B&M shifter, all autometer gages, dual holley 12-150 fuel pumps, rear mount optima battery, comp 90-10 drag shocks in front.
I drive this car all the time, 1 hour to the track, drive the crap out of it and 1 hour home, then gone crusin, some times 2+ tanks of fuel per night. Soon it will go to the body shop.
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Post by: JH27N0B on November 27, 2007 - 12:30:42 AM
I caught the e-body bug when I was in high school in the 70's after seeing Vanishing Point one evening on ABC.  By the time I turned 16 and got my drivers license I was dead set on getting an AAR cuda or a T/A Challenger.  It took a few months but I finally found a T/A I could afford with the money I had saved over the years cutting lawns and doing other odd jobs.  Terrible car for a teenager living in the snow belt! But somehow we both survived and I still have the car today.  It's been in restoration for a number of years, slow going but hopefully someday it will be done!
It's a numbers matching 4 speed with a 3:91 rear sold by Mr. Norms so it is worth the effort.

In the early 90's I decided I wanted a decent Challenger for casual cruising and local shows. A 318 convertible seemed like the perfect choice, but after about 5 years of looking I found none for sale that weren't junk or sold before I could look at them.  I ran wanted ads in MCG and Hemmings and got a lead on a '70 383 convertible 130 miles away.  It was nicer and more expensive than I had aimed for, but I bought it anyway and have never regretted that decision!  It is sort of an oddball, factory "N" code 383 4 barrel but not an R/T.  Loaded with most power options including PW, AC, top, AM/FM, disc brakes plus it is optioned with the SE trim pieces and factory pinstripe.  I take it to many local shows and cruises when the weather is nice and I can put the top down.
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Post by: hemiken on November 27, 2007 - 03:32:41 AM
 :woohoo: Thanks for creating this thread.  :clapping:
G'Day all,  I am Hemiken and i live in Australia. :drunk:
I am a  :newbie: to the forum and have had a passion for Mopars for a long time, only just recently jumped in to the deep end of the pool where the big fish play.  :smilielol:
Between my brother and myself we have 5 E-body Mopars.  :scared:
Kenny:     1970 Barracuda Convertible 318 Auto
              1970 Barracuda M46 383-2 Auto
Ray:        1970 Challenger SE 383-4 Auto
              1971 Barracuda Gran Coupe 383-2 Auto
Combined:1970 Barracuda Slant 6 Auto
Plus many more early Mopars and early Willys cars.  :22yikes:
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Post by: Super Blue 72 on November 27, 2007 - 01:15:15 PM
History:  This car was purchased by a gentleman on Aug.31, 1971, 4 days after getting out of the Army. He used this car as his daily driver, even to pull a trailer with a snowmobile through New Hampshire roads. It was well taken car of, always garaged. He sold it in 2001 as he thought he thought he "blew the engine" to a gentleman who raced Mustangs. The Challenger was not registered and was put in a barn full of racing Mustangs. In 2003 the car was sold to me. The assumed engine damage was basically from the neck of the radiator falling off and after resoldering it back on the car runs fine! The engine has never been rebuilt, matching #s drivetrain. When I picked up the car, I brought it by the original owner's house. He had tears in his eyes to see his beloved Challenger again and made me promise him if I were to sell it that he would have first dibs to buy it back. This is a very early production '72 model year Challenger. It has the '71 style Rallye Gauge cluster. It has factory body side moulding and therefore assumably no fender louvers and strobe stripes. It retains all the factory original body metal.  The Challenger still retains Pioneer 8 track, fog lights, and trailer hitch original owner installed.  Even fuzzy dash!

1972 Dodge Challenger Rallye 
Build date 8/17/1971
Matching numbers 340 engine, never been rebuilt, 106K miles
Paint code TB3=Super Blue, blue interior
Originally steel wheels and hubcaps from the factory (Still have.)
Documentation: Original hand written and typed Vehicle Invoice from MacKensie Motors in NH, Owners manual, Chrysler Emissions Control manual, Consumer Information sheet, original application for title, buildsheet.

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Post by: Devil on November 27, 2007 - 04:08:06 PM
Here are the two, as they sit.

The 71 Challenger
Warmed over 383
727 auto on the floor
8 3/4 with sure-grip rear with 3.23 gear ratio
Painless's Mopar Wiring Harness
Autometer Gauge cluster






The 69 Charger R/T SE
Warmed over 440
727 auto on the floor
8 3/4 sure-grip with 4.10 in the rear
Old race car, has a ton of options though.






Cough.... cough....


And there are a few others lying around.  None in nice condtion though.

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Post by: AprilsPink72Cuda on November 27, 2007 - 05:46:53 PM
Hi, my name is April and I have a 1972 Plymouth Cuda 340 that I purchased in July of 2004.  In 1995 I went to Fall Carlisle with Joe (my husband) and a friend who had a 70 Challenger.  While there I found a poster of a 70 Cuda in Moulin Rouge and that is when I knew I would have one someday.  I still have the picture today. 

I found my car on ebay, drove out to Ohio from NY to see it and brought her home.  The car was already painted pink when I got it, but it is an original FY1 (Lemon Twist) car. 

Some updates since I purchased the car:

-Rebuilt original 340 block in 2006-
-Clevite Rod, Main and Cam Bearings
-Melling Oil Pump
-Sealed Power Moly Rings
-Sealed Power Sterling Pistons (Forged)
-MP Purple Shaft Cam 280 dur/474 lift
-2.02" intake valves/new valve seals  (upgraded from 1.88" valves)
-Cloyes True Roller Timing Chain
-ARP fasteners
-MP waterpump
-TTI headers with 2 1/2 inch exhaust and Flowmaster 40's
-New 340 six pak set up from Six Pak Performance in AZ
-Re-cored original radiator

Car came with air shocks so I replaced them with HD 2 inch above factory leaf springs from ESPO Springs and Things

Aftermarket Tuff Wheel (would like a real one)

Had a ferd spoiler, lol, fixed that issue

Repainted engine compartment when motor was out

Rebuilt Clock, Tach, and Speedo

This winter I will be upgrading some things.  I want to re-do the dash, carpeting, changing my 4:10 rear to 3:91, change front rotors (thanks MEK for the new ones) and maybe add some sound deadener to the interior so my ears aren't ringing after a long drive.  I am sure there will be more to come, after all, they are never done, are they?

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Post by: whitesatinmopar on November 27, 2007 - 07:26:34 PM
 :2thumbs: My honey and I may be on the "older" side of life but we love our "girls" and we don't exactly act our age. Although staying up with the Carlisle croud in the parking lot is a tuff task for us.  :roflsmiley:

Sorry the 69 is not pictured, she's sitting in the garage although she is certainly drivable she is embarrased, she needs a make over pretty bad.  :smilielol:

The Charger is "My girl", she's a honey,sweeter than wine. A 500 SE, 383 mag. 4 speed, the motor has just 52,000 (46,000 when I got her) original miles and has never been touched.

The Dart will be a "hell raiser", she's solid as the day she came off the line with all original sheet metal, soon to have a built 440 with dual quad set up, her paint is in need of some TLC. A wet sand and buff by Tony would be nice.  :2thumbs:

The Satelite is my lil "Street B!tch", has a nasty disposition and is a little rough around her curves. She is body wise just as I bought her, got a little plastic here and there  :roflsmiley:. But the 440 6 pk makes her sound like a...........well, a street b!tch.  :roflsmiley:

The Chally is our reason for being here since March 2002, she has faithfully taken us to Carlisle every year c-c.c has been going as a club. The 360 mag with the high ratio rear end makes her the best cruiser of the family. She's a plain Jane that shines like a gem and gets her own share of lookers, her fine blue pearl coat over the satin white and the bright blue interrior can make ya look twice.   :cheers:  :bigshades:

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Post by: Scatterbrain on November 27, 2007 - 07:47:06 PM
Here is my car.  It is a 1973 Dodge Challenger.  It is a real 340 car, but actually has a 318 in it now (which I didn't know about till after it was delivered).  I've been slowly fixing up the car.  It is cam'd (I don't know the specs) and has a Holley hi rise with 770 Street Avenger carb (a little overkill).  I've redone the interior, fixed most of the gauges (just need the tach), replaced the floor pans and transmission tunnel.  I also installed a Richmond 6-speed transmission and Classic Auto Air.  She is fun to drive and gets looks and thumbs up everywhere I go.  Future plans include replacing the 318 with either a 440 or proper 340, getting the rust out and I forsee a paint job coming her way.  At first I wasn't crazy about the stance, but it has grown on me.  It kinda gives her an attitude.



This is the only shot of the interior I have since installed a center console (which rattles to no end)

Forgive the mess in the engine bay.

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Post by: DoNotChallengeHer on November 27, 2007 - 07:55:30 PM
 :wave: I'm Jackie. I've driven and owned Mopars since I was 17. I bought my 1st a 71 340 Wedge Duster when I was 17. We raised a lot of heck in that car. :burnout: :burnout: My 71 Challenger, I've owned for a little over 3 years. He made the 27th Mopar , I've owned. It's a matching #'s car  with 84,000 orig miles. A 318, AT, AC, ralley dash, all the trim. This car was a flat hood with factory hood pins. It had the bulge hood on it when I bought it. I am putting the factory hood pins back on it , hopefully this winter.
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Post by: RusTy/SE on November 27, 2007 - 10:25:59 PM
I'm in Central Alabama and have owned my 1970 R/T SE since January 1994; the car had been in the Detroit area (Royal Oak - Madison) until that time. The rebuild to original appearance began November 2006...

ps, pdb, non-air
black vinyl top
b & w cloth/vinyl interior
white R/T stripe

Great idea Dave :dogpile:

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Post by: moparmaniac59 on November 28, 2007 - 03:36:16 PM
What can I say?? SOOOO many sweeeet rides. It all started with me when I was about 14 and had a neighbor about 10-12 years older than me & that was always building & racing hotrods. He had a black pearl '70 'Cuda (340) & '68 Charger (440) that were the talk of the neighborhood. Nobody could touch his small block!! He became my mentor & I was hooked on Mopars ever since, and have had 4 Barracuda's and one Challenger since High school. I currently own a '68 Barracuda with a hot little 360 with a NOS setup. It was originally a 318 car and was redone in 2003. I bought it from upstate NY and drove it home to Virginia where I live. My real love is the "E" bodies and I bought my '74 Challenger (in 2006) from a great guy and fellow Mopar lover in Auburn California. I had it shipped to VA. It is an original CA car and was purchased from the original family that owned it. It's nothing special, originally a 318 car which now has a sweet Hughes built 440 (dyno'd around 425 HP), 727 automatic tranny and interstate gearing which will be changed out this summer for 4:10 posi. It was originally Top Bannana Yellow. I just painted the whole car in July (includeed replacing the rusty trunk and fixing little dings and dents (Car was virtually rust-free from California enviroment and being kept in garage) after having the front wheel come off while driving to the drag strip (that's another story and there's a post on that). Since I already have a yellow car I opted not to paint it back to the original color. The only thing that may be a little "rare" on the car is the original cloth seats (I think the pattern is a Houndstooth?). I've not seen too many Challengers with cloth seats. It has a center console with slap-stick and Centerline Covo-Pro rims and BFG's. Thanks to Jason (Stroker) for the rear set! This is an awesome site and great people!! I love all the pics and stories associated with them!!  :2thumbs:

UPDATE: Since 2006, The Challenger has been painted, and I built and installed a stroked 440 (543 cubes) that puts out over 600 HP with 651 ft/lbs of torque. I have the build specs posted in the "Proven Engine Combo" section. Tha Barracuda was not prepped right when redone in 2003 and now needs a repaint. They are a blast to drive!!
                                                                   Matt B.
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Post by: babyelephant on December 04, 2007 - 04:09:35 AM
I built a model kit as a teenager of the T/A and knew from that day I ought to get it in 1:1. Mine is Banana yellow with black interior, correct 340 six pack, 727 and 3:55:1. It is a Florida car and still keep the undercoating.

The picture from the strip is by Bertil Lindgrens public gallery, other pics by me.
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Post by: BluesCuda1 on December 05, 2007 - 10:51:08 PM

( (
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Post by: 4drbrnko on December 06, 2007 - 03:32:37 AM
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please reload you pictures if they are missing)
Post by: Old Moparz on December 06, 2007 - 05:15:53 PM
Mine is a 1971 Barracuda, & originally a 318 car. Somewhere along the way one of the previous owners transplanted a 400-4V into it with a 727 trans. It looked horrible in the pics, but when I went to go see it in person, it wasn't that bad at all. I picked it up in the summer of 2004 as a back burner project with no intentions of doing anything to it in the immediate future.

I've always wanted to get one, but knew if I didn't get it when I had the chance & some extra cash, I'd probably never own one with the way the prices were climbing. I didn't care if it was a 'Cuda or not, or whether it had a big block, I just wanted a 1971 model. Been wanting one since I test drove a 1970 Barracuda Convertible about 25 years ago.

The frame rails, firewall, inner fenders, cowl, & passenger compartment floors are all solid with a few patches of surface rust. The trunk floor is soft, so that will need to be replaced. The driver's quarter is probably the worst since it was hit by the tail light & has rust at the bottom. The passenger side quarter will only need a lower repair from rust.

The doors look to be fair, but if I find a clean pair I'll swap them. The front fenders are standard ones without gills & both need work, so I'll be getting a pair of aftermarket ones. It also had a vinyl top that was removed revealing a solid roof skin. The body is the original color, "Tawny Gold" & the interior is all black with a bench seat that has an armrest. I like the armrest so I'll keep the bench.

Here's some pics.....   :biggrin:

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Post by: Chlngrcrzy on December 07, 2007 - 11:54:59 AM
I am fairly new to the site. I joined in June of 2007, right after i decided to restore a 73 Challenger that i had purchased. It is getting a complete rotisserie testor, because of some rust issues, and i am to anal to leave anything undone . I will be doing all of the work, because $$ for me does not come to easy(I have Teenagers). It is a #'s matching 318, with a pistol grip 4 speed, but will be sporting a 440 in the last stage of the cars rebuild. I currently have it completely stripped down, and am replacing sheet metal before i put it on the rotisserie and media blast it. This is my first mopar project, and it won't be my last. I am learning a lot from the members of this site and appreciate their willingness to answer my questions. The picture i am posting is taken the week after i purchased and before i began to tear her down. I am also posting pics in the restoration site. Thanks for everything C.C.
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Post by: xs29j8 on December 08, 2007 - 03:56:11 PM
Well, here goes again... last time the server died a couple of hours after I posted...  :misbehaving:

I will post pictures of my E-Bodies, and links to pictures of other Mopars that I have.

1970 `Cuda / 440-6BBL / Automatic / 4.10 Dana / FY1 Lemon Twist Yellow / White Interior

My 1970 `Cuda 440-6 “Ole Yeller” was purchased by the second owner for $2975 on April 12, 1971 after having been repossessed from the original owner.  The application to transfer the warranty which was turned down because the 440-6 powered cars could not have warranty transfers, but showed the original delivery date to be November 26, 1969.  The second owner was an Army officer, and he took the `Cuda to Germany in August of 1974 and returned to the US in April of 1977.  I purchased the `Cuda from the second owner on July 14, 1981 for the amazing price of $500… no, I am not kidding!

The ‘Cuda’s option mix is a bit unusual, having come from the factory with a 440 6BBL w/Automatic, 4.10 Dana 60, Shaker hood, front Elastomeric bumper, and column shift!  The only changes that I made during the restoration in 1984 was using a Hockey Stick stripe in place of the original body side molding & 15 inch Rallye wheels in place of the original 14 inch Road Wheels (Magnum 500 style).  I have driven the ‘Cuda to shows all over Texas and several other states, finally trailering it to a show last Fall for the first time.  Ole Yeller is one of three Mopars that I currently own that I cannot imagine ever selling, the other two being my Triple Black 1968 Charger R/T & Platinum Silver 1969 Road Runner.


1970 `Cuda / 426 Hemi / 4 Speed / 4.10 Dana / FJ5 Limelight Green / Black Interior


1970 Challenger T/A / 340 Six Pak / Automatic / 3.55 Axle / FE5 Rallye Red / Black Interior


1970 Challenger Convertible / 383 / Automatic / 3.55 Axle / FJ5 Sublime Green / White Interior


1968 Charger R/T / 426 Hemi / Automatic / 3.92 Axle / BB1 Black / Black Interior / "Triple Black" (

1968 Charger / 318 / Automatic / 2.76 Axle / Medium Blue / Blue Interior (

1968 Polara 2Dr HT / 383 HP / Automatic / 3.23 Axle / Racing Green / White Interior (

1968 Polara 4Dr HT / 383 / Automatic / 3.23 Axle / Alpine White / Black Interior (

1968 Polara 4Dr Sdn / 440 Magnum / 3.23 Axle / Alpine White / Spice Interior (

1969 Charger R/T / 440 Magnum / Automatic / 3.55 Axle / EY2 Sunfire Yellow / Black Interior (

1969 Charger 500 / 440 Magnum / 4 Speed / 3.54 Dana / EB5 Bright Blue / Black Interior (

1969 Charger Daytona / 440 Magnum / Automatic / 3.55 Axle / R4 Performance Red / Black Interior (

1969 Road Runner / 426 Hemi / 4 Speed / 3.54 Dana / A4 Platinum Silver / Pewter Interior (

1970 Road Runner Superbird / 440 Super Commando / 4 Speed / 3.54 Dana / FY1 Lemon Twist Yellow / Black Interior (

1970 Charger R/T / 440 Six Pack / Automatic / 3.55 Axle / EB7 Dark Blue / Black Interior (

2009 Challenger  SRT8 / 6.1L Hemi / Automatic /  / TorRed / Black Interior (
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please reload your pictures if they are missing)
Post by: moparman11 on December 09, 2007 - 12:23:35 AM
1973 Challenger, 440, slapstick, black interior
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please reload your pictures if they are missing)
Post by: MaMopar on December 10, 2007 - 12:13:13 AM
We bought the72 Cuda Spring Carlisle 1993.  The rebuilt 413 Wedge was in place, 727 rebuilt 1994. The color is custom.  We purchased a doner to get interior panels, switches and wiring.  I don't worry about original, the 413 is way more fun then the 318. 

Along with the Cuda we also have 68 Dodge Charger, 360 4 speed  purchased 3 years ago, missing the 383.  I have one available to drop in, all we need is the rime to do it.  68 Roadrunner, this needs a bit of TLC.  68 Dodge Coronet 4 door, all original everything works on this one.  75 Dodge D100 Custom long bed pick up, this was in the family since new. 90 Chrysler TC by Maserati, 06 Chrysler PT Cruiser G/T.

Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please reload your pictures if they are missing)
Post by: Rare_T_A on December 10, 2007 - 06:59:07 PM
   This was where we found the T/A in '89. We found it by accident and it took almost a year and a half to get the owner to sell. This is a case of not giving up. Throughout that time I visited and called the owner. We got along very well and swapped stories of the '60s and '70s and he finally decided he would never do the car himself. Although the previous owner did own  a body shop he decided he didn't want to spend his spare time back in the shop working on this car. He very reluctantly sold it to me, he owned the car from 1973 to 1990 and told me there were a lot of great memories in that car.

While keeping the stock appearance I modified the drive train in the following ways :

*  Original block bored .030   
*  OEM T/A Heads
*  TRW 12.5 : 1 pistons   
*  Dist re-curved
*  Reworked & tuned OEM Carbs
*  Crane solid lifter cam : 312 duration .600 lift
*  Stock rods and steel crank 
*  Milodon high volume oil pump
*  Fully balanced
*  B&M racing A727 transmission   
*  GER 4000 rpm stall converter
*  Richmond 4:88 gears

*  BF Goodrich Rear 275-60-15   Front 235-60-15s
*  Good Year Polyglas GT G60-15 & E60-15 for shows!

Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please reload your pictures if they are missing)
Post by: Ghost on December 11, 2007 - 05:08:20 AM
My 67 Barracuda, named "The Jessica Lynn", original 273-2V engine, 904 auto on the column, bench seats.  YY1 Light Tan exterior, white interior.  Owned her for over 2 years now, and haven't really done too much except drive her.  I do have an 8 3/4 suregrip sitting in the garage for her, but need to rebuild it first.  Hopefully I'll pull her off the road this summer and begin the resto.

Next to her is my 70 Plymouth Suburban 6 passenger wagon, named "Juggernaut".  Original 383-2V engine, 727 auto on the column.  Purchased it a few months ago.  Needs a new fuel pump and carb to be roadworthy.  Plan to drive this one daily while restoring the Barracuda.
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please reload your pictures if they are missing)
Post by: 'cudaCruiser on December 14, 2007 - 11:40:38 PM
This was my car in high school and for a couple of years after I married.
'72 340 727 automatic.

I sold it to my brother...


...who drove it until it got broken into in 1985.


It sat on blocks under a tarp until about ten years ago when he bought a barn to put it in.


He always wanted to restore the car but never got to.
He was killed in a truck wreck in June and I got the car back.

I can't bring my brother back, but I can this car.

Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please reload your pictures if they are missing)
Post by: Grasshopper on December 17, 2007 - 04:26:06 PM
1997 Viper GTS and 1973 Challenger (Resto started today)
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES (please reload your pictures if they are missing)
Post by: kudakidd on December 18, 2007 - 12:07:26 PM
1970 'U' Code Cuda. ALL matching numbers drivetrain. ALL original sheet metal. ALL documentation. One of 334 'U' code 4 speed Cudas built in 1970. This makes the car more rare than the vaunted 'V' code Cudas, and second in low production numbers to the mighty Hemi. The car wears its ORIGINAL EV2 Tor-red paint, along with its unique HT6 tan interior. It's a true survivor. This car is only one of 54 known to exist at this time.  Only 57,000 original miles.
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES . . Love it!
Post by: Got JOB on December 19, 2007 - 09:44:57 PM
These are my E-bodies. The T/A has been in the family 14 years. The '74 I have owned 17 years. We got the conv. 5 years ago. My first Challenger was a new '71 at the age of 18. Just a base 318, FE5 with white top and interior, but I loved that car.
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES . . Love it!
Post by: hemiragtop on December 19, 2007 - 10:44:41 PM
My 70 Challenger R/T convertible 440 Six Pack, Burnt orange/Burnt Orange interior.


My 70 Challenger R/T 440 Six Pack 4 speed, super track pack car, original GoMango ,with Burnt orange interior(currently dyed black interiror).


My 66 Hemi Belvedere II convertible, factory Mauve Metallic. 1 of 6 made.


My 69 GTX convertible 440 4speed, Survivor.

Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES . . Love it!
Post by: PasiR on December 21, 2007 - 01:09:20 AM
My -70 Cuda 383 automatic and -71 Sebring Plus HEMI automatic.
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES . . Love it!
Post by: dragfish on December 22, 2007 - 05:52:32 AM
I rescued my 74 Barracuda from under a pigeon condiminium at a Lima,OH. car lot in 1985.I paid $350 for it and drove it home and A/C still worked.Had a banged up right rear quarter and a little rust on top of fenders.Car has all original floors, trunk, and mint frame rails.I recently had it gone over by another member,fishin4cuda in 2004-2005.It now has a hybrid 360 LA block and magnum heads auto on column and 3.55 gears.Color is 2003 Tangerine Pearl aka Go Mango.Hope to put Vintage air system on it next year.
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: rchurch on December 28, 2007 - 04:06:38 AM
This is my 72 & all its pieces as of 12-27-07. It had a 360 & a 904 slap in it, when I got it. The 360 will be back in after reworking, but with a 727. beyond that, stay tuned.
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: daves70 on December 30, 2007 - 03:57:11 PM
My '70 Challenger R/T. Currently under-going a heart transplant. Bought in Dec.04. Auto, 3.55 rear screw. The 440-SIXPACK engine was sold to fellow member FY1443433. Currently in the process of building a 482 c.i. HEMI stroker. 10- 1/2 to 1 compression, Mopar performance aluminum heads, cross-ram with 2-770 holleys. Camshaft undecided yet, but will be a roller. New 4.25 std. bore Mopar Performance block. 4.25 stroker crank. Color is J-5 lime-light green. (sublime) I hope to have it running in '08, but it's a very expensive project. :grinyes:
Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: sadil340 on December 31, 2007 - 01:32:39 PM
I love this board, it has been most helpful.

I'm Steve and got my '70 Cuda (FK5 Burnt Orange) from a high school friend that bought it new. He put 100,000 miles on it in 4 years and traded cars with me in 1974. I rebuilt the motor and basically just enjoyed it for 33 years.

I have the original window sticker and broadcast sheet. The options are:

BS23 Cuda
A62 Rallye Instrument Cluster
D21 4 speed with D91/D56 3:55 ratio SureGrip
E55 340
G11 Tinted Glass - All Windows
G31 Manual Outside Right Mirror
G33 Chrome Racing Mirror remote control left outside
J55 Undercoating and hood insulating pad
R11 AM Radio
R31 Rear Seat Speaker
W21 Rallye Road Wheels
Y14 Sold Car

It now is undergoing a rotisserie restoration. I'd like to eventually put it in Concours condition but for now I'm just trying to get it back on the road. The body work is done as of 12/27 and it's now being painted. Engine and trans are rebuilt and ready to go and I have a pile of parts that I have been amassing since 1974. Here are some pics, enjoy!

Title: Re: OUR MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: N96cuda on January 03, 2008 - 12:41:10 AM
Factory 440-6 shaker, currently Tor-Red will be going back to the original Vitamin-C in the near future. Other factory options include black vinyl top and interior, no stripe, luggage rack, console auto and Rallye wheels.

Factory 383 4 speed convertible, Rallye Red, black top, interior and billboards. Both cars have build sheets, no rust and all original body panels.  :thumbsup:

Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: vert on January 04, 2008 - 06:29:21 PM
#1 - 71 Barracuda convertible, orig FE5, 318, A01, disc brake car.  It spent 33 years in England before I got it in 2003.  It was in 3 magazines (2 covers) there before I bought it. It had a 440-6 and Torqueflite, strong cam and highly ported heads, shift kit, etc.  I've dropped in a new Ray Barton 528 Hemi. 

(  [url=](

#2 - 70 Challenger convertible, 318 California black plate car.  White with black top, B5 blue interior.  Waiting on time to drop in the E-head 440 .030.   Just listed in the Classifieds 7/6/09.

[url=]( (
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: JeffAARy on January 05, 2008 - 12:54:45 PM
Here is my current ride.  Matching numbers engine but not trans, BS code '71 Cuda 340.  I bought this car in January of 2007 from Dexter's in Green Bay.  This car was restored in Michigan in the mid 90's by a guy in a wheelchair and his friends.  It (along with several other cars) appeared on the cover of, and in, Mopar Muscle in October, 1997.  It also took third place at the Mopar Nats in 1996 for E Body modified.

The car was originally dark green with a black interior but was restored ALMOST EXACTLY as I would have ordered a 1971 Cuda way back when; hemi orange, dual painted mirrors, painted grille and valence insert, black billboard, no vinyl top or spoilers.  I couldn't believe it when I saw it for sale.  I would have preferred a 4-speed and AC, but I don't think I could have got any closer without doing it myself.

The real highlight of the car, though, is the ultra rare H5XV black/orange interior.  As of the writing of this thread only one other board member has this interior, and despite having been to most of the big Mopar shows and owning every Mopar magazine printed over the last 17 years I've only seen pics of 5 cars (mine and the other board member's included) with it.  For more info/pics see the thread below.  If you have more info/pics, please add to the thread!: (

Future plans include Classic Air, Keisler 5-speed, a serpentine belt system (they look really cool), and fuel injection.

I've owned other Barracudas (blue AAR, red AAR project, red 70 GC droptop, 71 project 340) before that I've sold because I needed money or room, but this car will be with me until I die.  If I get low on $$$ again I'll empty my retirement fund before I sell this car.[/img]]( (http://[IMG)[/img]]( (http://[IMG)[/img]]( (http://[IMG)[/img]]( (http://[IMG)

Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: cudagirl4406pk on January 05, 2008 - 07:33:14 PM

Well here is pictures of my 1971 4406pk cuda.Orgianlly a 340 car all original sheetmetal a real gilled fender billboard cuda.Car has two fender tags.Right now car is vit c ornage but i am in the process of picking a new color i might paint her gun metal color unsure yet.

Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: hooD on January 06, 2008 - 01:00:41 AM
I own a 1973 Cuda.  I am the original owner and my Cuda is currently the COTM which is an extreme honor for me. 
Click the thumbnails below in my signature to see an enlarged picture.
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: Born_Fast on January 07, 2008 - 10:24:28 AM
Here are my rides: The dark blue Pontiac was my first US-car and i sold it last year. Yes, i know - it looked somewhat ricey.  ;) The orange PT Cruiser is my daily driver. A special edition with interior matching the bodycolor. Like many others here in Europe i bought a diesel car as daily driver, because diesel fuel used to be (quite a lot) cheaper until recently. But now the oil industry reacted to the constantly increasing sales of Diesel powered cars and raised the price of diesel fuel above the price of regular gasoline.  :pullinghair: But at least it's a Mopar and very reliable.

And finally there's my new Challenger. Will take a couple of weeks until i have all the homologations done to get it street legal here. You bet that i'm more excited than a child before Christmas...  :woohoo:
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: moparbowhunter on January 14, 2008 - 11:39:49 PM
ok here she is, still not much to look at but heres the pics of my baby. somday she will turn some heads :stirpot: :woohoo:, right now she just turns some stomachs :puke:. lol.
shes a 1970 Barracuda, no frills. 318 auto. originally green but will be plum crazy when i get that far. my plans for her powerplant are most likely going to be a 440 but depending upon fundage, she may just be a Hemi Cuda clone.  :stirpot: :2thumbs:
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: Pottstown Cuda on January 16, 2008 - 09:24:55 PM
Here are a few pictures of my car. The first was from the 70's just before I got it for my first car. The others are from when I bought it back early last year.
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: repo68 on January 18, 2008 - 07:07:42 PM
Now I wish I had taken more pictures last summer.  Not that it would have looked much better, though....

Anyway here she is, as bought last spring.  '70 Chally, 383, 4-spd, 8.75 with 3.91's.  Not much of the car is original.  It was a 6 cyl car, which in my mind is a good thing, since I can do what I want without upseting many purists.

Since these pics, I've lowered the stance, installed new BFG's, tti headers, Blaster 2 coil and a new rear valence.  I've also recently bought a T/A hood and rear spoiler.

I feel very lucky to have stumbled onto this site.  Everyone has been great, and a lot of help.  This is definitely the best car site on the web!  :thumbsup:
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: BIG MIKE on January 19, 2008 - 03:04:00 AM
my 1972 challenger rallye was my first mopar, i got it when i was 14

    1971 duster was /6 now 318 with some goodies...

     1970 challenger....building a hemi car....i don't like the clone thing...i'm just building it the way i would have ordered it plus my own touch..will post more info and pictures when resize them

my only regret on the 72  was not painting the engine compartment, i was young and want to drive it to school..funny thing is i didn't get to done till after i graduated
it's a 340 4-speed with 3:91 gears
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: The Cuda Guy on January 19, 2008 - 04:25:46 PM
The Cuda Guy Project!  The Badddest ride on The Planet!!!      :stirpot:                     

Cuda Guy
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: cudadave72 on January 24, 2008 - 01:29:06 PM
Heres mine :2thumbs: Its a B5 blue BS23H code 72 340 Cuda with ralley gauges and black interior. The engine has been stroked and poked out to 416 cu inches with ported ederbrock performer heads, Victor 340 intake, Demon carb, Comp solid roller .555 lift cam. The trans is a 727 with a reverse valve body, trans brake and 4000 PTC stall. Out back is an 8 3/4 rear stuffed with 3:73 gears with 5/8 studded axles that rides on Calvert racing mono springs, Rancho nine way shocks and Caltrac tractions bars. It sports a full 3" TTI exhaust with X pipe and stepped tube headers. Last quarter mile pass was an 11.38 @ 117 in 95 degree summer heat on drag radials!!!The best part of this is that I drive the car everywhere!!
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: Goehner on January 25, 2008 - 09:35:52 PM
Try to keep this story short....have had many Mopars since before I had a license to drive. 74 Roadrunner, 318 auto..put in 440 for fun. 71 Challenger resto project, turned into 440 plum crazy, 70 Super Bee..was 1/4 mile car just body.. built with 318 auto, 74 Power Wagon...360 8" lift 35" BFG mud terrains, 80 RamCharger 360 7" lift 33" tires. Just lost my dream ride that I have had since 1993...70 Challenger R/T convertible 440 4 speed trak pak shop fire burned it to nothing. Just purchased 70 Challenger R/T convertible 383 auto, plum crazy on white top/interior. Can't wait until Spring!!
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: The Bulldog #57 on January 28, 2008 - 01:44:43 AM
Well here is our fleet.... (but our E-bodies are only a small portion)

Newest Purchase

1970 Dodge Challenger, 440, 4 speed, original U code, Citron Yella.....


It goes well with this....

1971 Plymouth 'Cuda, 340, auto, numbers matching, Curious Yellow


And another.....

1972 Dodge Challenger, 340+6, 4 Speed, Petty Blue


And last be not least....

1967 Plymouth Barracuda, 273 Super Commando, 4 Speed, Curious Yellow

Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: MoparCar on February 01, 2008 - 10:45:06 PM
Here's my long term project. I really should start a resto thread soon. I bought it a few years ago with a 340/auto as a project car. It's sort of "expanded" in terms of the project as usual.
71 Challenger project/build Pro-Touring G Machine build
6.1 Hemi
future TKO 600 5-speed or T-56 6-speed.
Coil over front/rear suspension

No......the ugly yellow and blue 80's paint will be gone very soon!

Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: mikeg on February 02, 2008 - 08:51:14 PM
Bought it on 12/05/75 from original owner who was about to go in the service.
Added Fibertrend AAR style hood in 1976 along with an original AAR style spoiler.
It is a 340, 4 speed numbers matching
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: Bearcuda on February 02, 2008 - 09:35:03 PM
Wow, I thought I had already posted here a long time ago. Here's my baby. Bought it as is on Ebay in March of 2006 a few months before I got deployed. It was originally a 340 car, but now has a worked 440 putting out about 500 horses. I'd like to mini tub it and put a 472 hemi in it someday. The 68 Charger is my near daily driver I bought in August 2008. It's got a crate 360/390 hp.
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: Moparal on February 02, 2008 - 11:43:43 PM
well here's my barracuda. It had set in a garage torn down to bare metal since 1974.  The Ca desert heat baked everything it could to well done.  Was a fc7 318 4 spd 323 sure grip when it was born. It has 42k original miles on the body. The engine was missing so I built a 440-6 for it . 100 hrs later, I ended up with this. But I do really enjoy it. Maybe I will be able to finish it soon. This is a solid driver and being put back to how it was built in 1969.






Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: scf100 on February 18, 2008 - 02:14:02 PM
1970 Challenger RT/SE 383,power steering,manual drum, am radio.......I bought the car in Feb 2005 in a Mustang Autotrader! Car now has a 400 in it but I have located a correct 383 Magnum for it that I will rebuild and put in someday.....also have a 3.91 suregrip to put in soon. This car was mildly restored in the early 90's and the vinyl roof and SE chrome trim was removed along with the overhead console.....I have located all the SE parts to put back on some day......I have been doing detail work to the car like new engine harness,radiator,alternator,carb,intake,added 15x7 front and 15x8 wheels on the shocks,rebuilt trans,all new chrome on rear end,new lens on tail,new side markers,new painted side mirrors( not in pic) etc......

This is just like the one I had in high school in 1977 that I paid 1000.00 for....except that one was white
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: triggerfish on February 26, 2008 - 12:15:03 AM
Couldn't resist this one...
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: Srobinson4 on February 27, 2008 - 10:30:51 PM
These are before and after shots of my car.  Hope you guys like it.  I surely do.
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: dwbiggs on February 29, 2008 - 01:57:26 PM
Here go...
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: DanGoodman on March 02, 2008 - 08:21:46 PM

photo by Mike "Goody" Goodman
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: hotrod98 on March 03, 2008 - 07:13:45 PM
A few of our rides and a pic of the new booth in the now completed resto shop.
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: revmopar on March 03, 2008 - 08:53:35 PM
yellow car is my current project, red car my first ever pro street project, purple car first cuda
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: real426maxwedge on April 01, 2008 - 11:45:31 PM
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: bananaskin on April 19, 2008 - 04:32:47 AM
My dad's car on the left (340 Rallye), and mine to the right (440).




Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: 19733404spdCuda on April 19, 2008 - 10:41:47 PM
A few of our cars ...

70 T/A Challenger
73 Cuda 440
71 RT Charger (Sunroof) E5
72 Charger (Sunroof) Bark Blue
72 Charger (Purple)
73 Cuda 340 (Viper Red)
79 LiL Red
And a Few others not yet restored...
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: geneo4116 on April 24, 2008 - 09:16:30 PM
70 rt challenger rt 383 auto, blk/blk just rebuilt motor 9.5 to1 keith black pistons, ported and polished 906 heads stainless valves 2.14/1.81, tti headers, comp high energy cam,eddy rpm intake,eddy 750 carb, mopar elec dist,15x10 cragers/295/50/15.  15x7 front 215/60/15, new interior,  83/4 323 sure grip,  pioneer system,  {nom car}
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Show us your stuff!!
Post by: craigsmytcudas on May 04, 2008 - 07:53:08 PM
this is my pair of cudas the black one is a real six pack shaker  in black .the other is my latest a resto mod in go man go with cool vanilla interior , and tunnel ram six pac and custom shaker .the sprint car is my test bed for engine development. craig

you can see more pics at my new web site. since its new you might need to use .i have seen a whole lot of nice cars and talked to some cool folks here thanks.
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Add your ride and info!!
Post by: Eurocuda on May 23, 2008 - 11:44:39 AM
Hi From England! :wave:

Having recently sold my 73 Cuda to Germany- I made the trip to Mopars at the Strip in Vegas with the intention of getting a new Mopar- Came back empty handed and then spotted a 1970 Challenger on Ebay UK - and only 30 miles from my house!- 440 4 speed with a Dana !!!

A week later it was mine- and Im loving it!!

Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Add your ride and info!!
Post by: dwbiggs on May 23, 2008 - 02:21:21 PM
My junk....
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Add your ride and info!!
Post by: Carlwalski on May 24, 2008 - 03:03:05 AM

In order of Photos:

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T, 440ci Magnum, TorqueFlite-727+OD, 8-3/4", All Numbers Matching
1971 Plymouth 'Cuda, Triple Black, 540ci Alloy EFI Hemi, 5-Speed Manual, XVL2 Rear/L1 Front, etc
2000 Subaru GTB Wagon, 2L Twin Turbo, Black, SportsShift, 4 x 12" Phoenix Gold Subs, etc etc
2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland - Stealth, 4.7L High Output V8, Auto, 3" IRO Lift, 31x10.5 BFGs
2006 Dodge Ram SRT/10, Limited Edition Night Runner (1/28), 505ci V10, 6-Speed Manual, Black


Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Add your ride and info!!
Post by: JH23 on May 24, 2008 - 12:02:25 PM
My challenger with my red wheel


and my Black wheel


Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Add your ride and info!!
Post by: 440six on May 28, 2008 - 08:50:22 AM
This is my 71 cuda 440 six pack 4 speed. It's a original GY3 curious yellow car
( (

71 440 HP2 Block completely rebuilt a year ago
( (

Two fender tag car, rimblow, sixway seats.
( (

Dana 60 354 gears
( (

Ordered with rubber bumpers & Go-wing
( (


Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Add your ride and info!!
Post by: Cuda Wuda on May 29, 2008 - 05:18:16 PM
1970 'cuda 340 4spd. Originally was lemon twist yellow but has been painted limelight. In the teardown phase & still finding shoddy bodywork :stomp:. My dream is to drive her one day.
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Add your ride and info!!
Post by: MrMopar440 on June 02, 2008 - 06:09:30 AM
1973 Barracuda
.30 over 440 with a 2000 stall 727
3-inch exhaust with H-Pipe and Summit Turbos
8 3/4 with 3.55 Sure Grip
1997 Viper Blue
I currently have it registered and drive it weekly on the German roads.
Working on the interior now to try and clean it up. It is fun to drive, but the rattles will drive you insane.
Toughest part of registering it over here in Germany was passing the noise restriction (I got it to 92 dB on a 95 maximum)
When I find the outdoor pics I took I'll update the photos.
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Add your ride and info!!
Post by: mikerallye on June 15, 2008 - 09:11:27 PM
Ken tuck ie
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Add your ride and info!!
Post by: MoparGene on July 01, 2008 - 08:40:58 PM
I got my car pretty much the way it is's a 73 chally,the paint is a fade from silver to blue metal flake.528 stroker,king demon,727  trans.,moser 60  rear , 4 wheel disks.I plan on racing it for a while longer .Then do a complete tear down to make it sreet friendy agian.maybe do the paint over.                  (          (
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Add your ride and info!!
Post by: 71chally416 on July 11, 2008 - 02:02:54 AM
I own a '71 Challenger. It was originally a 318 car and had a junkyard 360 with some kinda small cam and a Weiand Stealth Intake with a 600 ED carb when I bought it. It was way too shortwinded for me so I sold that motor and put together a 416 from a .030" over 340 block I had in stock with a Ohio Crankshaft prepped 4" stroke crank, KB .070" 360 pistons and Eagle rods. I decided to use new heads for the 1st time on a street car and decided to go with the factory big port Commandos which I extensively ported with the help of my flow bench. They have cut-down 2.08" MP SS Intakes (to 2.04") and the 1.6" SS exhausts, CC Titanium retainers & locks and MP springs compatible with the .528" MP solid cam I used. After doing some trial fitting I found I could adapt some leftover B-1 big block roller rockers I had from another motor so I used them after moving the mounting block centerlines 1/8". They have a 1.7 ratio in this application so I have about .598" lift. I also used Crane 3/8" pushrods. I hope to go to a solid roller later on. It has a ported Victor Intake, 750 Demon vac carb, Xtreme airfilter, Digital 6 plus ignition with MSD wires and coil, Hooker super comp headers that I hacked the flanges off and welded Schoenfeld W-2 Head flanges on (the original flanges didn't line up with the ports at all!) It has Poly engine and trans mounts and a Stef's aluminum pan & pickup and a complete TTI 2 1/2" exhaust and some new stainless mufflers I had laying around. It made 540hp and 510tq on the engine dyno with a Dominator, and 526/499 with the Demon carb it has now @ 6,250.

For the trans I found a great deal in the local Tradin' Times paper on a like new Dynamic prepped 904 with the 2.74 low gear and just switched the VB for a Turbo Action manual to avoid the kickdown link hassle, and put a deep pan and cooler on. It also came with a matching Dynamic 9 1/2" convertor made for a stroker motor. The rear is still the 3:55 posi 8 3/4 that came with the car and so far I just added a pinion snubber to hopefully keep the driveshaft in the car until I can get the chassis squared away. I also installed the Wilwood front disc kit and switched the stock master cylinder for a rebuilt disc brake unit because I do not trust drum brakes on the road today.

Other mods I've did were to put a new fuel system in with a new repo tank, a 1/2" sending unit with a new 1/2" fuel line and a Holley blue pump & regulator. I also added EL power front windows with some adapted 90's Chevy cop car switches, a Jensen CD/Stereo and Bose speakers, all new seat covers from the local Interior shop, and the Centerline satin finish rims 15 x 5 & 15 x 9 with 275 Kelly tires on the back that do little for traction.

My DD beater is a '92 Iroc Daytona with a 3L V-6. It's not fast, but it gets great mileage, never leaves me stranded and stops and handles great.


Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Add your ride and info!!
Post by: Ravage on July 14, 2008 - 09:14:14 AM
1974 'Cuda w/ 318 and manual transmission. It's 99% there ,just needs attention. I'm not content with it running have to keep working on it :P I keep getting sidetracked on projects too ,I think I'm trying to accomplish too much. Hope to show some progress soon. Looks better than it really was in the first pic. Second pic is approximately current condition.
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Add your ride and info!!
Post by: tdub2112 on October 10, 2008 - 12:08:56 AM
Co/Future owner of a 1967 Barracuda in Copper and a 273 Commando. As far as I know this is a #'s matching car.

For the above picture.
The shifter nob is off.
There is a dentist goodie bag for a garbage bag.
I found 4 year old Advil, fused together in the glove box.
I know it's heart breaking but we all have are sad stories.
Oh. and the brown bag sticking out between the seats is the rear bumper.
Which is in exelent condition for being rechromed over 3 years ago.
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Add your ride and info!!
Post by: CHUCKS71 on October 10, 2008 - 06:27:25 AM
This is my 71 Challenger originally a 318 car with automatic transmission.It's going to be a 340 4spd.
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Please check or add your pictures!
Post by: 71ChallengerSE on October 27, 2008 - 08:49:49 PM
1971 Dodge Challenger - 318 car now has a C-body 318 with 340 heads and a 727. A/C PS PB with front discs. Originally B5 Blue with B5 interior and unknown color vinyl top and body side mouldings, plus it is originally an M28 optioned car with the rare wide hood mouldings (which are still with the car). After it was new it was hit hard in the drivers quarter panel and that was replaced and the car was repainted. Sometime in the 1980's the vinyl body side mouldings were removed, the car was painted Plum Crazy with white 71 R/T stripes, the interior was changed to black from a donor 70 SE, and a R/T hood from a later year rallye challenger was added. In the late 80s early 90s the car was hit again on the passenger side all the way down the side of the car. The previous owner then decided to park it and start a restomod restoration. It hasn't been run since 1991. I bought it my sophomore year in high school which was in 2007. A full restoration has been started to try to make it a very nice daily driver. A 440 or 383 could be in its future........

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Post by: miketyler on October 27, 2008 - 09:32:32 PM
some recent pics of mine:


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Post by: thenuke1 on October 31, 2008 - 12:18:18 AM
Heres My 71 Challenger ... Weekend Driver... about 88% - 93% done ...


during paint lol







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Post by: Mentally Challenged on October 31, 2008 - 12:59:56 AM
My 72 Rallye. Bought it in May of this year. 360/904 4.10 sure grip :burnout:

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Post by: Husker Cuda on November 06, 2008 - 08:25:42 PM
Here is my 74 Cuda.  Had 59k miles when I started, originally 318 3-speed manual.  Now it is fully restored with a 512 stroker / six pack with 500HP & 600 ft lbs of torque and a A-833 pistol gripped 4 speed.

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Post by: cudaneil on December 03, 2008 - 06:38:21 AM
Hi cudaneil here from cheshire,UK
                                                This is my numbers matching 72 cuda 340,shes 90% complete,but theres always something isnt there ?

                                             (you will notice the addition of an aar stripe,cos its more aggressive!)
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Post by: quapman on December 27, 2008 - 08:16:45 PM
Steve's Mopes, part 1

I've been at this since the early 80's when I bought my first Challenger at the ripe age of 15. 340 Rallye/auto/pea green. Sorry, can't find the pics, but it was "just a ten year old car" and was already fairly rusty when I got it. Upstate NY winters will do that.

The Corvette yellow one was my 2nd Chally (had a few 73 Chargers and some Cordobas & Magnums in-between). I think this was 90 or 91. It was just a 72 with a 318, but still did 110mph without much trouble AFTER I replaced the lower control arm bushing that fell out. Yes, rebuilt the whole front end. I'm the guy holding the case of CANADIAN.

The red one was the S.E. that I thought was too rusty to save, so I pulled the 340 and sold it. Duh. It was one of 57 318 4-speeds, FE5.

The 3rd pic was a Western Sport Special. I've had a few of them. A friend of mine drops by to see if the guy I sold it to will sell it back. Nope. 318, FC7 manual. I don't remember if it was 3 or 4-speed. I sold it to buy a T/A.

I also had an R/T-S.E. 440-6, R/T-S.E. 440-4, FC7 R/T 440-6 and a bunch of 71-74 Chargers in the 90's. I got burned out and sold most of it including all the Challengers and most of the NOS parts I had accumulated.

I got sucked back in, of course.

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Post by: quapman on December 27, 2008 - 08:44:57 PM
Steve's Mopes, part 2

Fast forward to a few years ago. I moved from NY to NC. Bought a 72 Rallye Charger 440 on fleebay that I resold fairly quickly. Typical feebay lies in the description. Was a coastal car that rusted from the top down. I had seen enough NY rust to deal with it. Sold it with honest description to an enthusiast who is still collecting parts for the restore. Really nice guy.

Since I'm an idiot, I bought another fleebay car in 2005. This time a 70 Challenger from CA with a 383. More lies, but very little rust. I changed the K-frame (butchered slant-sixer to a good V8 unit), rear end and springs, seats, a bunch of little things to make it a driver. Stripped and re-painted the grille with black instead of the red. WHOLE grille was red! Probably the best running/driving E-body I've ever owned. Sold it to finance another FC7 car. I thought the buyer was a passionate car guy, but I heard he was trying to sell the car at the next show for $7k more. More lies.


I got this beauty from a longtime friend from the Buffalo area. He did the resto in the late 80's, early 90's before there was much in the line of repro parts like now. Transported to another friend's place in the winter during a heavy snowfall. Poor car!


Here she is at home in NC. I immediately redid the grille (was black over the JH argent) and replaced about 100 wrong fasteners. Replaced valve covers with correct 70 parts, added electronic ignition and a new Bill Evans harness, redid the gauges with white faces, again, a bunch of little things.


This is what she looks like now. I redid the wheels and centers, too. Forgot to mention JS23U0B, Super Track Pack, white interior (supposed to have a white top, too). Originally had Purple steel wheels with dog dishes and E-70-15 Polyglas. I thought these only came on T/A's but this one got 'em on all 4 corners. Had 255-70's when I got her. Changed the fronts to something a little shorter.


This is my 71 Charger S.E. Started with a 383, now a year correct 440. Blue Bee stripe, blue  cloth interior. Auto-Grip, of course. She's for sale to pay for work on my "new" 73.


Mods, let me know if my post is too long or has too many pics....I will adjust!

Thanks for looking!
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Post by: sleepychallenger on December 30, 2008 - 10:50:00 PM
here she is again.

i will post updated pictures when the new hood is on. this pic is from today though.

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Post by: 6packCuda on December 30, 2008 - 10:59:58 PM
Here's the "other" love of my life. Just in case my wife sees this.

1970 Barracuda was originally a 318 car, now sports a 451 stroker with a 6pack, 727, and 3.55s out back.

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Post by: ladman on January 13, 2009 - 01:03:01 PM
I've had my Mopar for about three years.  360 Weiand Tunnel Ram with two Edelbrock 500's, Hurst Quarter Stick, Flowmaster 40's with three inch exhausts, Hedman Hedders, Comp Cam, Mickey Thompson 29 x 18.5-15 on the rears, 8 3/4 rearend, 4.10's, Weld wheels, MSD ignition, 3200 stall.

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Post by: cwestra on January 13, 2009 - 01:19:02 PM
Here is my 1970 AAR Cuda - project car.  It is a numbers matching 4-speed, FK5 orange.  I've had the car for approx. 5 years and am the 3rd owner.  Car has approx. 74,000 miles on it.  AAR was my dream car growing up.  And now I own one.
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Post by: Daves74chally on January 21, 2009 - 05:18:34 PM
Hey guys, this is my 1974 Challenger. Originally a 318 car. When me and my dad got the car it has been slightly restored and had a rebuilt 360, 727, and 8 3/4 3.23 rear end. The car became mine when my dad handed me the keys to it after I passed my road test. Since then I did as much as possible to it. I messed around with the exhaust for awhile and got settled with a pair of glasspacks last year. This summer I installed headers and a full exhaust, along with an aluminum eddy intake(thanks to IMNCARN82) and Holley carb. This fall at college since im going for automotive I had the chance to rebuild my engine and trany. I had planned to just bore my motor and throw a bigger cam into it. Then I said what the hell. went out and ordered my parts to build a 408 stroker.  Built the trany to hold the new torque monster I built. Iv never been happier with my car. I love it, never going to sell it, and this has to be true love.




I look like im 5 in this pic
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Post by: CudaEd on January 31, 2009 - 03:57:55 PM
Here are my two rides:

1970 Challenger T/A
4-speed pistol grip w/console
FF4 med. metallic green/black vinyl top/green interior
Matching #'s drivetrain
Cool as Hell

1970 Cuda 440-6 bbl
Y-1 lemon twist/black vinyl top/black interior
4-speed pistol grip
Matching #'s engine and rear end
Bad as Hell


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Post by: the.cuda.kidd on January 31, 2009 - 11:12:19 PM
just a few of my 73' :burnout:
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Please check or add your pictures!
Post by: the.cuda.kidd on February 01, 2009 - 08:17:51 PM
a built 360  :bigsmile:
sittin around 500 RWHP
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Post by: FBJJChallenger on February 02, 2009 - 03:54:24 PM
Here are some before pictures of my 74 Challenger project, it was originally a 318 but the previous owner dropped a 383 into it. I'm in the process of tracking someone down to handle the bodywork/paint:





Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Please check or add your pictures!
Post by: the_engineers on February 03, 2009 - 02:14:42 PM
Originally a base 318 car, my 1971 Barracuda had been partially gone through when I bought it in 1996.  At the time of my purchase, it sported a transplanted 340, 'Cuda exhaust, an add-on spoiler and seats from a '73.

I found the car in Harrisonburg, VA through Hemmings.  For the sum of $4000, I got a running, driving Barracuda, an extra front clip from a real '71 'Cuda (fenders, hood, valance, grille) and the disc brake set-up from a '73.

As it sits now, this is a basic run-down of the car:

1971 360 (.030 over)
10.25:1 Wiseco pistons
Polished factory rods
Edelbrock Air-Gap RPM intake and RPM heads
Crane Gold 1.6 Rockers
Hooker Ceramic-coated Super Comps
TCI-built 904
3.91 w/ Suregrip
Just Suspension Ground Pounders
Super Stock Leaf Springs
1 1/4" front & 1" rear sway bars
tti 2 1/2" exhaust

Ford JA Sapphire Blue
Argent grille
Eyebrow spoilers
Chrome bumpers
'70 Go Wing

18" AZA Z-08 wheels
Sumitomo HTR-Z III 235/40's & 275/40's

Black/no Console
Hurst pro-Matic w/ Pistol Grip under a four speed hump.  Looks like a factory 4-spd install
Custom gauge panel
BEAMS 3-point retractable seat belts
Electric Life Power windows w/ Factory Switches
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Post by: goldengladiator on February 21, 2009 - 12:18:44 PM
Here is my car. It's my second classic MOPAR. I had a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner with a 383, 3 speed. It's a '71 base Challenger. It was a B5 blue, blue interior, auto, 318 back in '71. When I got it was a HEMI orange and rust holes, spray painted pack interior, 1980's truck 360, auto car. My uncle and I did all the work. Body work was done, floor was patched, trunk patched, new passenger side fender, new front a rear valances. The engine is now a brand new 360 4-barrel. Still has an automatic transmission. The hood is the one that came with it, a '70 R/T hood. I put on a true duel exhaust. The interior is white with rally gauges. The white vinyl top is an OEM option. The wheels are off of a Buick Grand National. And of course, it's painted moulin rogue/panther pink now, When I eventually redo the paint to something better than two guys in the garage, I will probably lose the vinyl top and replaces the SE rear window with a full-size rear window. The SE was just the window that was in it when I bought it.



And my '06 Charger R/T...


Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Please check or add your pictures!
Post by: 69bronzeT5 on March 13, 2009 - 05:05:58 PM
My '73 Duster. :2thumbs:
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Post by: SSGMP84 on April 08, 2009 - 08:02:58 PM
This is my 1974 'Cuda. This car was my mothers very first car she ever bought. When she bought it was 74 Barracuda with a 318 in it. It was a special order car because it came with the Rally dash and the stripe on the side. My mother gave it to my Aunt and it say in a garage for years. Just had it restored and put in a 440.
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Post by: ozrt4406 on April 09, 2009 - 06:13:31 AM
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Please check or add your pictures!
Post by: Cynister on June 12, 2009 - 11:04:09 PM
Here is my 71, it is a numbers matching 340 with auto, 3.55 suregrip, AM/FM Cassette, AC, Power Disc Brakes, Power Top, HD Suspension with rear sway bar, Dual exhaust.  Originally a GA4 Gunmetal with black side stripes it was painted red by the previous owner.  My future plans definitely include repainting it back to the original color, but for now it is just a fun driver.

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Post by: 41husk on June 29, 2009 - 04:05:28 PM
here is a couple of my 70 Challenger convertible
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Thread is now accepting missing pictures!! Please check!
Post by: B5barracuda on June 29, 2009 - 05:21:01 PM
nice cars alan,are you going to have any of those at monster this year?
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Thread is now accepting missing pictures!! Please check!
Post by: bugsydog on June 29, 2009 - 09:22:13 PM
Here's my 1971 cuda, took me 3 yrs to restore her. 440-6  slapstick
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Post by: arcticmopar on July 04, 2009 - 07:57:18 PM
Looks like I put pics in wrong spot so lets try again...70 SE orig gold 318 now plum 383...paint and body done 20yrs ago.
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Post by: thenuke1 on July 07, 2009 - 04:32:32 AM
so i was driving down Sepulveda in sherman oaks when all of a sudden i see a dude dressed as the joker so i pulled over and asked for a few pics ...


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Post by: djr71 on July 16, 2009 - 08:59:32 AM
Here is my 74 Barracuda. Originally a 318 auto. I have a 360 4spd for it.
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Thread is now accepting missing pictures!! Please check!
Post by: bugsydog on July 19, 2009 - 10:24:04 AM
1972 dodge charger bought new by my father in san jose california, original paint, most of the interior, and engine.
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Post by: torredcuda on July 19, 2009 - 10:44:18 AM
`72 Barracuda originally 318 now 340/4spd 3.91.Original color combo of TorRed w/ white interior.
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Post by: torredcuda on July 19, 2009 - 10:45:24 AM
During major resto
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Thread is now accepting missing pictures!! Please check!
Post by: torredcuda on July 19, 2009 - 10:46:28 AM
Currently adding a raised AAR hood and fiberglass bumper.
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Post by: bugsydog on July 21, 2009 - 08:10:48 PM
71 cuda
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Post by: HEMIBULLITT on July 25, 2009 - 08:19:37 PM
( (

My 2 favorite rides of all time, The 73 Kawasaki 900 Z1 SuperFour  and The 1968 Dodge Charger R/T HEMI with 4spd........
both currently in the Garage.

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Post by: 68charger70cuda on July 28, 2009 - 09:54:57 PM
my candy apple red hemi mopars. both with 528 hemi's built by superior automotive in anaheim. the cuda has an alterkation front end, a strange dana rear with 3:55 gears. both have keesler five speeds with pistol grip shifters. the charger has fuel injection. all mechanical work done by superior.  the paint is 15 coats deep of real house of kolors candy apple red over a gold base.  both get driven about once a month. i love candy apple red!

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Post by: 74 340 4speed on August 17, 2009 - 07:56:36 PM
My work in progress  1974 'Cuda originally a 318 3 speed.  Now has a built 340 with a direct connection cam, victor 340 intake, holley 750, 4 speed, dana 60, 4.10 posi.

body work, paint and interior are next.




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Post by: burdar on August 18, 2009 - 01:42:49 PM
Here's what I'm working on.  My dad bought the car new and it has never left the family.  It's a 73 Rallye 318/904 car.  It's painted a somewhat rare color,(JA5) dark silver metalic.  It's going back stock except for dual exhaust, factory dual exhaust valence and chrome tips. 
Title: Re: MEMBER'S RIDES . . Thread is now accepting missing pictures!! Please check!
Post by: tommyg29 on August 19, 2009 - 11:42:54 AM
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Post by: 69bronzeT5 on September 30, 2009 - 01:47:12 PM
I removed my last post since it was pretty much worthless. Here's a post with all 3 of my Mopar muscle cars. :2thumbs:

'69 Charger. My first car technically. My dad's friend found it sitting in a field under a tarp (about 3/4 of it was) partially stripped in Richmond B.C. It was in pretty bad shape. He recognized it by the flip top gas cap. We went and looked at it and ended up buying it for $400. This was late 1998 (November I think). My dad gave it to me for Christmas. I was 6 at the time. I've now had it for 10 years, 11 on December 25th. It was originally a 318 auto car. T5 Copper with black interior. Cool thing is it came with the rare C5X (Vinyl with cloth insert) seat option. Also has a C21 buddy seat. Basic column shift car. When we found it, somebody painted a 01 and a X on the roof with black spray paint. Somebody keyed the car and threw the front bumper through the windshield (hence it missing). That dented the dash and pad pretty badly but my dad did an amazing job fixing it. You can never tell it was dented. The last owner took the grille, drivers door and some of the interior stuff for his car. The funny thing is, I realized the drivers door I have on it now came from HIS car. He ended up finding a bunch of parts in his garage including the originally seats, that door, the original passenger fender and some small interior parts. He still has a bunch of interior stuff for it I need to go buy from him soon. Anyways, we put a 383 & 727 auto in it from a '68 Newport we parted out. Has a lot of rust issues but I'm not giving up hope on it. It's my dream car and I can't wait for it to be finished. First picture is it now and second picture is a photoshop of it done.

Second up is my '70 Coronet 500. In December 2008, I was talking to a friend of mine Paul. He had 2 '70 Coronets in his private junkyard that he parted out. One was a smashed up Burnt Orange 440 model and the other was this F8 500 model. Both were 318 autos. He crushed the Burnt Orange one back in May 2007 because all the usuable parts were taken off. Everything else was smashed. That but the driver of the car when it was crashed didn't survive. The driver died in the car. Anyways, I've always wanted this Coronet but I didn't have the cash to buy it ($400). So I tried numerous times to help my friend buy it (I was the middle man). He kept changing his mind and ended up not getting it. So there it sat. I was talking to him in December 2008 like I mentioned and I jokingly said "So, you ready to give me that Coronet yet?" and he said "Well actually, I'm going to be thinning out my collection so if you list some cars for me online and a couple sell, you can have it". I was shocked. I didn't think he's say yes. Anyways, I've sold a few cars for him now so I'm waiting until I can get the money to drive 12 hours to pick it up. I get a whole crap load of parts with it which I'm excited to get. First picture is it now and second picture is a photoshop of it done.

Last but not least is my '73 Duster. It's a 318 auto. Was originally Y6 Gold with parchment interior and a full black vinyl top. Now it's dark blue with parchment interior and no vinyl top. My dad called me in October 2008 and said he found a Duster in Delta but wasn't sure what year it was. We talked taillights for a while and then I figured out it was a '73-'76. I went over and checked it out on November 8, 2008 and discovered it was a '73. It didn't have much rust, just a bit on the front floor pans and the lower quarters. Overall, it was a solid car. Anyways, after months of anticipation and nervousness, we finally bought it on Feburary 21, 2009 for a total of $650. We got it for a steal! The owner's dad came out and said good luck getting it running. We had it running within a few minutes in the guy's driveway. It was really cool. We got it towed to my grandparent's house in New Westminster. I cleaned it up and gave it a bath that day. I also pulled the old carpet out because it had five pounds of water sitting on it. I'm guessing the owner left the windows open by accident sometime because the window only leaks sometimes (barely) and it's not enough to make a huge puddle like that was. I also ripped out the moldy saggy headliner. My grandpa did some body work on it and patched the front floor pans. The biggest ***** about the car was the starter was hooped. Of course our luck, it has headers. So we finally managed to get the starter out on a cold rainy day. We took it in and got it rebuilt and replaced the starter relay. We also replaced 2 burnt plug wires, the cap and rotor and it finally ran good. I finally got to drive it in June 2009 and it ran like a bat outta hell. It was awesome. It was also my first time driving a muscle car, let alone my own. I did some work to it such as installing the missing front fender trim, fixing the oil leak and a few other small things. My grandpa painted the front fender with spray paint for now along with the sail panels and lower quarters where he did the body work. I took it to a Mopar show in July and managed to win 1st place in the Young Guns class with it. Unfortentley, right now it's giving me electrical issues so I plan on replacing all the wiring this winter. I also have 4 15X7 Rallyes I cleaned up that I'll be putting on it along with new tires. I'm also getting the front seat redone and putting in new carpet and a headliner. I'm painting the dash black, getting a new pad and installing a Tuff wheel I got from free from a friend of (Jackie is sending me a horn pad). I'm also installing hood pins because I think they are just plain awesome. I bought another front bumper that has better chrome, a spare hood, grille and front valance. I found out the guy I bought it from, his grandpa bought it brand new from Johnston Motors in Vancouver. So it was in the same family from 1973-2009 until I bought it. I plan on getting it painted gloss black with white 340 stripes. First picture is when it got towed to my grandparents, second is it at the Mopar show and third is the car I want it to look like (with the exception of '71 dark argent center caps).
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Post by: nz70cuda on October 07, 2009 - 07:51:04 PM
hi mine is  a 70 cuda 383 4 speed matching numbers , mods are wheels , carb ,cam, headers imported the car to new zealand in 98 and its been a full rebuild car has now been on the road for 3 years but we all know there  is always something to do on these cars  cheers terry  heres a fue recent pics  :nzflag:
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Post by: hezzel on October 10, 2009 - 09:23:18 AM
Well, Here is mine 71 Challenger R/T,383 Magnum,727 Auto, 3:23 Gears
Matching Numbers  and a lot of options  A01,B41,B51,C16,C55,C93,D32,D53,E65,F11,F23,F96,G11,G31,G33,G41,H31,H51,J11,J15,J25,J45,J46,J54,J55,L05,L11,L15,L25,L65,L72,L74,L76,M21,M26,N41,N42,N85,R32,R36,S13,S25,S41,S77,S81,T87,V01,V1Y,V6W,W23,W34 and Y14
Dark Gold Metallic with gold y3 interior
currently under restoration.... ( ( ( ( ( (

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Post by: 70 Challenger Conv. on October 15, 2009 - 11:48:49 PM
70 Challenger Convertible started out as a 318 High Option now sports a 572 Keith Black Hemi with FAST XFI
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Post by: RusTy/SE on October 18, 2009 - 10:41:16 AM
I'm in Central Alabama and have owned my 1970 R/T SE since January 1994; the car had been in the Detroit area (Royal Oak - Madison) until that time. The rebuild to mostly original appearance began November 2006...

ps, pdb, non-air
black vinyl top
b & w cloth/vinyl interior
white R/T stripe
dual chrome mirrors


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Post by: cudaneil on November 02, 2009 - 06:18:13 AM
Hi Guys,
I bought her a year ago from Ireland uk. She was owned by the president of the Irish Muscle Car Club.
I did a deal with him for my rebuilt 66 v8 mustang,and put her on the ship back to England where i live.
Quite a lot of work has been done in the last year to get the car into show condition,which i have carried out by myself.
She is a numbers matching car so i have not gone with the restomod route and am keeping it fairly stock.
The jobs carried out include removing the original J code heads and doing a valve job as the 340 had a misfire,this was due to
having 2 slightly bent valves which were not sealing. Other jobs include suspension ,brakes and a new upgrade electronic ignition system which looks stock.  The car now benefits from an AAR style strobe stripe,front corner spoilers and rear go-wing.
I have also added a matching chrome mirror to the passenger side of the car for uk overtaking safety!
One job on the interior i still have to do is to fit new sail panels,as the old ones are breaking up with age,i already have the parts for that job,so the interior will soon be show standard too!  The rally dash clock was stripped out and refurbed also as it
was not working.
This car gets a lot of attention at the uk car shows,as there are only a few Cudas here and its rare to see one for real!!!

                                                             CUDANEIL    :2thumbs:
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Post by: sublime 70 on November 30, 2009 - 02:16:05 PM
All of you out in mopar land. Im having trouble with wheel selection, What wheel would you run on my car? Ihave had the poverty caps on for awile and alot of people love them. Im juat thinking the road wheels look better? 
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Post by: Roppa440 on December 15, 2009 - 09:05:22 AM
1970 Challenger R/T. Numbers matching 440/Auto car.
Originally B5 blue with white interior, white top and white bee stripe.
Purchased in 1989 and restored/imported to the UK from Texas for me at a total cost of $10,000.

Fitted with six pack, GV overdrive, 4.30 gears. 11.75" front discs.

Air con and heater removed.
Power brakes removed.
Power steering removed.

Engine 10:1 compression with ported 906 heads and Hughes solid cam.

Only been garaged since 2004. Now restored/modified for the second time.

Sorry about the dead insect in the engine bay. :lol:
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Post by: thenuke1 on December 18, 2009 - 09:18:51 PM
My 71 from Cruising Van Nuys

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Post by: speeddemon on January 06, 2010 - 08:54:56 PM
1971 Dodge Challenger 340 RT

( (

A link to my website with more pictures and information on the car
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Post by: moparmike70 on January 23, 2010 - 09:52:43 PM
I bought this car 19yrs ago in may 1991. It was my daily driver for 2 years and then just a summer driver. It was originally F4 exterior with F8 interior. Finished the resto in 2008.

383cid 284/484 purple shaft, torker intake, worked 650 holley, roller rockers, moroso oil pan
A833 4spd
8 3/4 with 3.91's, detroit locker, and Moser axles
numbers matching drivetrain...kinda
super stock rear springs moved in 3/4" with CE drag shocks
stock interior with hounds tooth cloth inserts
FJ5 exterior
X8 interior
painted underneath
subframe connectors
F70-15's mounted on 15x7's
most parts were nos or restored originals
the resto was done by myself with the exception of spraying the paint
this is a real cuda
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Post by: triggerfish on February 05, 2010 - 10:41:47 PM
Didn't see a pic of Oh Mango, so here's one from our Vanishing Point Revisited trip...
Car's been totally rebuilt since then w/ hemi now .060, 434 cu in., solid bullet cam, stage 5 intake, ported iron heads, manly, Diamond, Painted eddy 600's, etc.   Its still my delivery car during the summer...
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Post by: ham1 on March 02, 2010 - 07:56:01 PM
Here is my 73 Challenger Rallye. I bought the car new back in May, 1973 ($3100 out the door).  It has the numbers matching 340 4 speed with 35K original miles.  I added eddy aluminum heads, offy dual quad intake with 500CFM carters, crager SS, dynomax headers with 3" duals/x pipe, 3.91 posi, manual steering.  It was my daily driver for 5 years before I placed it in long term storage.  I put it back on the road about 3 years ago.
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Post by: RUMBLON on June 27, 2010 - 03:20:50 PM
70 CUDA clone. was Grand coupe vert, now 440-6 Viper red, shaker car. Has an AAR rear quarter panel, so the antenna is moved to the rear. I like it that way!!

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Post by: Topcat on June 27, 2010 - 06:47:39 PM
Car was bought by my Mom & Dad in April 72' when it was 1 year old from Normandin's in San Jose. I fell in love with that grille the minute I saw the car. I was 12 years old then in the peak of Hot Wheels craze. Originally a 2 tag well optioned, 318, A/T, 2.76, beige interior, Gran Coupe in Tawny Gold.

Pic 1 In 78' I graduated from H.S. The first pic was after it was repaired when I rear ended a car. The first pic was in 79' when I was stationed in Germany.

Pic 2 was taken sometime around 92 or 93'. This was when it had a 340 4 speed. The left rear quarter was hit when a truck came into my lane and then repaired (unbeknownst to me at the time) by a professional hackman prior to painting it black.

Pic 3 is where it is today. Body work is getting done most of it by myself this time. Looking forward to Fall when I can have body filler not dry so fast since it's getting done outside.

( (

( (

( (

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Post by: Ric on August 10, 2010 - 11:25:20 AM
1970 Se Challenger 440 fuel injected
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Post by: JamesG on August 11, 2010 - 12:32:26 AM
1970 Barracuda Gran Coupe
383-4V Auto.  3.23 rear
PS, PB, Leather seats, Overhead Console, 8-track 5 speaker Stereo
I bought this back in 1988 and it was my daily driver for a few years.  It had only 36K miles on it when I bought it.  It now has 77K.  It has been straightened and painted and the engine has been rebuilt.
Best run in the 1/4 was last year, 14.56 at 94.58 MPH.

Englishtown at Musclepalooza last year:
My other ride, 2009 Charger Super Bee.  This was taken at speed at Pocono Raceway:

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Post by: coupman35 on October 03, 2010 - 09:48:22 PM
This is my 1973 Challenger pick it up in 2008 and did the restoration my self .This is my 4 car it a driver has a 318cu automatic.It a 73  ralley that is now on the road after 3 years  of working on it am happy of the out come of it .
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Post by: LukeSkywalker on October 05, 2010 - 12:50:23 PM
1970 Plymouth Cuda 383 that has been upgraded to 440-6 w/ shaker hood.
Auto trans.

( (

( (

( (

( (
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Post by: 472 R/T SE on October 18, 2010 - 11:20:33 PM
My '71 'cuda.  Originally a Gran Coupe.  I purchased it from board member hotrod98.

I had to do some thing to personalize it so I took off the Go Wing & had it painted the factory correct shade.
-added eye brow front spoilers
-repainted the motor
-added aluminum valve covers
-new hoses, wires, belts
-deleted all the a/c stuff, almost.

I'm afraid to polish on it anymore since I've already made several rags reddish in color.
I also pulled the wheels off & polished the insides of them.  They're spun aluminum on the inside so the shine is a bit harder to get.  This winter I may pull them off & try sanding them down.  :dunno:

The performance is night & day compared to the 340 '70 Challenger I got out of.

This winter I plan to clean up the inner fenders, firewall & hopefully get a set of ceramic headers.




The other hot rod.  472 Hemi, Gear Vendors, 3:91 Power Lock, original cruise control, rear defogger, light delay, PW, A/C.  I have every thing, including #'s drivetrain to go back to factory specs.

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Post by: sleepychallenger on October 20, 2010 - 07:06:33 PM
pic of mine before the black RT hood and then how i left her before coming here.

Factory K5 with Burnt orange int and black top. Factory flat hood RT. No wood grain in the doors. 383 HP (numbers), Swapped to a 4 speed, 8 3/4 rear 323 gears. Dad had it for 28 years and passed it down.
Post by: 360FISH on January 30, 2011 - 02:30:35 AM
360FISH is a 1973 ‘Cuda

VIN:   BS23H3B567746

360 CID Small (but mighty) block - the original 340 is gone.
727 3 speed automatic transmission
8 ¾ rear end
Holley 750 dbl pump carb
MSD electronic ignition
FlowMaster 10 Series Delta (OMG loud) Force muffler

Purchased from a fellow cc member (Black73cuda) in July 2010.  I’ve been slowly bringing the car to stable driver status… finished the cooling system and soon to be working on electrical, hood pins… maybe a spoiler and paint.

Fender tag info... always interesting...
Code   Description
E55   340-4 Barrel 69-73
D34   TorqueFlite Automatic Transmission
BS23   B = Plymouth Barracuda
             S = Special
             23 = 2 Door Hardtop
H3B   H = 340 240HP(net) 1-4BBL 8 CYL
             3 = 1973
             B = Dodge Main, Hamtramck, MI, USA
567746   Sequence Number '567746'
TX9   Paint Code: Black / Black Velvet
A6X9   Trim Grade/Style/Color
             A = A Class
             6 = Vinyl Bucket Seats
             X9 = Black
000   Upper Door Frame: Full Door Panel
629   Date Built: 6 / 29 / 1973
290341   Order Number: 290341
TX9   Roof Type OR Color:  Black / Black Velvet
U   Built to Specifications for USA Order
B41   Front Disc Brakes Some Yrs. Power
C16   Console w/ Buckets
C56   Bucket Seats 1972 up
G55   Unknown At This Time
H51   Single Air /w Heater
J54   Hood Insulating Pad
M21   Roof Drip Rail Moldings
M25   Wide Sill Molding
M31   Belt & Hood Molding
M88   Quater Panel Tape Treatment
N41   Duel Exhaust w/o Tips
N42   Chrome Duel Exhaust Tips
N85   Tachometer
R11   Music Master Radio AM
V6W   White Longitude Sports Stripe
26   26 in. Radiator
EN2   End of Codes Assembly Line 2
Post by: miketyler on February 02, 2011 - 03:36:20 PM
had to add this one of my car I just found the other night
Post by: AARuFAST on March 10, 2011 - 08:28:44 PM
Our AAR Cuda owned since 1985.
 Our Gran Coupe Convertible owned since 2008.

Gran Coupe Convertible

////////////  CUDA AAR

Post by: _Russ_ on March 10, 2011 - 09:08:56 PM
1970 Challenger R/T

#'s matching 383 Magnum, A727 TF & 8 3/4 SureGrip 3.23.

Painted in Cortez Silver ('69 GM Colour) - originally FE5 with white longitudinal stripe.

Has had a few minor modifications: PST Sway-bars, torsion bars. Kelsey Hayes Single Caliper discs up front. Edelbrock intake. Double Pumper. Drives like a dream.

From what I can tell it had been a Californian car most, if not all its life - since the mid '80's at least. I purchased it from San Diego in 2010, and it now resides in sunny Sydney, Australia!


(Click for hi-res)

( (

( (

( (

( (

( (


Post by: cudaspaz on March 30, 2011 - 12:54:42 PM
Originally wanted an E body badly and almost scored a 73 'cuda/360 but the seller's Brother stopped him from selling it.
So I scored this 67 barracuda from a co-worker that had it buried in his barn.

I turned it down 4 years prior because I was not into A bodies "at the time".
I finally decided to take a look at it when he told me he was going to sell it to a Ford guy that would most likely flip it or scrap it.
The price was right and the southern body was solid, had a 273/ 904 7-1/4 open rear, plain Jane hubcap car.
The interior was totally shot from rats and it was buried in the barn with wood planks, buckets, paint cans, ladders, boxes, you name it.
It took a long time to dig out.

The day I dragged it home.

Some serious :rebel:Ingenuity and more personal touches than Michael Jackson could ever give Mckauley Caulkin.

11.0-1 360/A-833 4 spd/8-3/4 sure grip 3.91
Holley 870 street avenger/vac secondaries.
SS springs/minitubbed/stock wheel openings/ rear wheel house massaged towards front.
8-point cage.
Rebuilt front suspension with PST parts and big torsion bars., LCA braces(handles well.) even with skinnies.
Torque strap
Line loc.
Fuel cell.
Custom interior.
Made hood scoop functional-felt a great hp gain after that.

Much, too much to list.
















Can't forget my little 71 swinger special /6, three on the tree, that I bought and sold because I could not take it any longer not being able to drive a cool Mopar while building this one.
Post by: SMS on March 31, 2011 - 09:00:38 PM
Here is my 71 440 R/T (as real as Pam Anderson's boobs - clone)
Title: Gracie
Post by: captcolour on June 04, 2011 - 10:31:52 PM
Waxed Gracie and took her for a ride today.  Stopped along the way for a couple photos.




Post by: 72ls5fla on August 12, 2011 - 07:00:32 PM

1970 440 Sixpack
4.10 Dana
Real Shaker car
B5 Blue..
Just purchased 2 months ago...


Post by: CUDA JAS on August 15, 2011 - 10:12:53 PM
some new ones of mine.



Post by: Doomed on August 21, 2011 - 05:51:44 PM
Here's mine...still working ou the bugs.

Post by: Phils other half Sue on August 28, 2011 - 05:13:33 PM
I think that I posted this on the wrong thread earlier so I will post it here!

Hi Guys, thought maybe someone could help me out here, I was Phil Alepa's fiance' of 14 years. Phil raced with the American Power Boat Association (APBA) in the Pro/Stock class where he is a two time National Champion and also was known as Mr. Mopar. Phil had owned a 1970 Dodge Challenger since 1973, he had bought the car with only a few thousand miles on it. As the owner of Alepa's Auto Works he restored the car to a custom showroom  masterpiece. His Challenger was in many car shows all over but mostly at the Jacob Javits Convention where it always took 1st place wins. His Challenger was his most prized possession! Phil lost his life on September 14th 2007 in his STV boat while out with a couple of buddies from Scream and Fly High Performance Power Boat Magazine. Phil's car was sold by his family shortly after his death. The last I had heard about the car was that it was sold at the Borgota Casino in Atlantic City in 2007 at the G. Potter King Car Show. I know this is going to sound crazy as to why I am posting this message here. I woke up out of a dead sleep a couple of weeks ago from a dream I had about Phil, and in that dream he told me to FIND HIS CAR!!! I don't know how many of you believe but this dream was so real...the reason for this post is to just find out what happened to his car. If any of you have or know any information on this car please can you let me know. His car was a one of a kind so it not hard to remember! Thank You so much! as I said this post is for NO other reason but to know what happened to his car...many of you can understand the way Phil was about this car!!!  :angelwings:




Post by: Rare_T_A on December 09, 2011 - 05:27:32 PM
This is the rest of our group. Challenger R/T and Ram Indy.

The T/A is on page 5.
Post by: 1RT2NV on February 01, 2012 - 06:27:40 AM
Great I found the spot to strut my stuff. After I'm done here I'm going to find where to do some "Bench Racing" yea man - Love it.

My name is Dan & my love for Mopar started back in the late 60's - Saved up all my pennies from the very first day I got my working papers at the tender age of 14. I was simply over my heels in love back then with the 66-67 Chargers & that long fastback & hide-a-way headlights. So
needless to say my first car on the road was a 66 Charger (had a 57 Dodge Coronet before that) In 1972 I bought a brand new Duster 340 &
a 4-speed for the insane price of $2,909.00 - imagine that now.

Current sitting in the garage or I should say garages - is my Turquoise on Turquoise 1964 Plymouth Belvedere station wagon bought out of
Washington State. "1" outer body repaint from back in the 80's & front seat cover - the rest for now is totally original. Current powered by
the old poly 318 - push button automatic. I've already replaced the rear springs & shocks - put in a 3.23 Sure-grip & axles from a 65 B-body.
I scored a 65 - 426 Street Wedge engine that I'm going to rebuild & I'm currently looking for a push button big block transmission case. With
that will be Vintage Air to keep me & the wife cool. Last year I added some new S/S Cragar rims & B.F.G. T/A radials.

Next is my 1968 Plymouth Sport Satellite convertible. Original a 318-2 barrel car - it now sports a complete 68 GTX driveline. The 440 Super Commando was rebuilt to stock specs - transmission was rebuilt with a shift kit & the 3.55 Sure-grip was freshen up. It's had one re-paint in
it's original Dark Green & front seat covers - the rest is all original. I added some new chrome Magnum 500 rims & Red-lines for Coker. Last year I added the correct style GTX chrome exhaust tips & hangers.

3rd in the fleet - is my 70 Challenger SE which after 5 long years still isn't completely done - hence the nickname "Never Done" * I wanted
a HEMI Challenger RT/SE so... bad I decided to build one right on to the must have Dana 60 rear. So in 2004 I took a ride to Carlisle ALL Chryslers & hunted the car corral for a 70 SE. Low & behold I found one, but the owner wanted insane money. So for the next "3" days I
I hung out & walked around until my legs practically fell off. On the last day in the Winner Circle was a Light Green 70 SE - the car looked amazing. After stiking up a conversation with the owner & his wife, who I actually have to thank for her part in the purchase - I bought the
car on the spot. After of course they collected their Award in front of the Grand Stand. The original 318-2 barrel was already gone replaced
by a 440. I immediately took it to the shop & disassembled the entire car & sent it to media blasting - when it returned I was in shock - LOL.
Yea I can laugh about it now, but really wasn't laughing then. It needed "2" quarter panels & a trunk floor. There was patches in the bottom
of both fenders, but I'm happy to say - there was no rust what so ever around the cowl - rear window plug or in either doors. Since this was
back before quality replacement quarter panels, I hunted high & low for NOS units - finding them through for $1,500 each. Fenders were $900 each - trunk floor came via Desert Valley boys. All the chrome was re-plated & all the stainless polished. After all the panels were
replaced, it came off the jig & onto the rotisserie. Color of choice since it was a green car already, was naturally Sublime. Finally came the day
to start reassembly. Super Stock springs from Manicini & a DTS Dana 60 with disc brakes. Hemi K-frame - all new steering & brakes. For a solid year my shop looked like Christmas time with delivery trucks coming in practically every day. While all this was going on, I spent every spare minute looking for the big Hemi. Finally I found a 472cu. that the pervious owner just had rebuilt & was planning on putting into his 65 A990.
Since so... many years had passed & the new Mopar Performance Hemi's where out - he decided to go big, big with a 572cu. & I bought the
other engine. The engine cost me as much as the car itself - but I couldn't have been happier then.

Now enters car #4 - a 69 Dodge Dart Swinger. A friend showed me an ad from a guy in Tupalo, Mississippi of this 69 Swinger with 11,000 original miles for $4,500 * 6 cylinder with radio & hub cap delete. At first I really didn't think much about it, but then I thinking - Hemi Dart.
So I made the call & the guy on the other end with a low & deep southern accent - says son, this car is "Totally" rust free. So with a leap of
faith, I wired him $4,000 & waited patiently for the Dart to arrive. Once on the lift - I couldn't believe my eyes, no rust - nothing, not-da. Plus
to my delight, it ran & ran darn good. So for the last "2" years I've been replacing dried out vinyl - rubber moldings & pitted chrome. Only the
undercarriage needed to be media blasted do to some very light surface patina & I painte the entire undercarriage body color. I went some
S/S springs - 8-3/4 for a 70 Duster with a rebuilt 489 3.23 Sure-grip. All new front end, 099 torsion bars & I fabricated my own Hemi K-frame.
I scored an old Fairbanks Hemi unit & rebuilt that - added a MP 3,800rpm converter. I've replaced all the headlight & tail-light bezels, rear lens.
inner & outer door handles - mirror & had the bumper re-chromed. I found a reconditioned grille at 2011 Carlisle. By now you all have probably guessed what happening next - I'm taking the Hemi out of the Challenger & between the fenders of the Dart. Many are probably asking why & wondering if I've lost my mind. I think a Hemi Darts & Barracudas were the ultimate Mopars & I wanted the "Ultimate Sleeper" I plan on running 185-85-13 white wall tires on plain steel rims with dog dish hub caps & either a shaker hood or early Hemi hood scoop. Full exhaust
to the rear bumper. I'm leaving the car White it's original color & have already redone the B5 / B7 Blue bench seat interior. Left the radio delete plate in place & added a period correct Am/Fm radio under the dash.

For those of you who might be wondering, I had a 1969 steel crank 440 rebuilt for the Challenger. Bored .030 with 11.0.1 Keith Black pistons,
Six Pack rods & heavily worked 906 heads. Haven't picked out a cam yet - but I plan on buy a brand new Six Pack setup from Herbs. Stock reproduction exhaust manifold into the already hung 3" exhaust.

I've come to the Cross Roads now, one of my cars has to go. I've already decided the 64 Belvedere wagon stays - so it's either the Challenger or the 68 Sport Satellite. I figure I'll advertise them both & which ever goes first so be it. I already have the Sport Satellite advertised here &
the Challenger is next. I pulled the Challenger out of storage yesterday & took a few before pictures. Unfortunately all the restoration photos were lost last year when my harddrive fried. I have some before pictures of the Dart & a few of it now that I'll put on - please enjoy.
Post by: js23nob on March 03, 2012 - 04:17:20 PM
that looks like a export build tag
Post by: spamtank on March 05, 2012 - 07:20:39 PM
First, let me correct an error on my submission to Dave for COTM.  The vinyl top isn't in fact gator grain, so my humble apologies.  It is instead the VF1 full vinyl top.  Between the time I sent my info to Dave and now, I stumbled upon a good comparison of the two.  When I bought the car a few years ago, it was listed as gator grain,  I didn't know any better, but now I do. 

So down to business.

COTM March 2012

1970 Challenger SE
98,500 original miles
Numbers Matching 383 2V engine and 727 Torqueflite transmission
PS, PB with disc brakes up front, AC, 26" radiator, and W23 Road Wheels

Car is about 90-95 percent original.  Little to no rust, and all original sheet metal.  Color was light gold FY4, but was repainted light gold with a faint touch of green that nicely ties the replacement Green vinyl top and green interior.  Interior sports bucket seats, overhead and center console with slapstick shifter, rallye gauges, and a Rimblow steering wheel.  It also has a rear window defroster, and rear speaker.  It's missing the AM/FM radio that it was built with, but I hope to find a replacement for that some day.

Recent work and restoration includes the following:  Updated to XHD Rear Springs, new front end bushings,  ball joints, and new brakes all around.  Rimblow switch replaced, speedometer rebuilt, and clock retrofitted with quartz movement.  The gas tank has also been replaced to take care of a nagging fuel leak.

The car appears to have been purchased in 1973 by the second owner in GA, the 3rd owner purchased the car near Wellford SC in 1982.  The individual I purchase the car from obtained it about 5 years ago and set about cleaning and restoring it.  I purchased the car in Manchester NH, in 2010 (when it turned 40 years old), and I have been steadily working on it since.  I have two nice copies of the broadcast sheet, along with a few other pieces of historical documentation.

We enjoy taking the car out to local cruise nights, and have entered it into two car shows and won a nice plaque and trophy so far.  We look forward to bringing it to Carlisle some time in the near future.






Won a plaque at the Cruisin' Downtown Event - It was a blast.

Second car show I entered won the nice trophy below:







Here are the two copies of the broadcast sheet that the former owner discovered in his files and set to me 9 months after I bought the car. 



Here's an interesting artifact that came with the car.  It's a Consumer braking, acceleration, passing, effectiveness report that is specific to my VIN.  Does anyone have any info on this?  Barry Washington was unfamiliar with this report as was a local mopar enthusiast.  So any insight would be appreciated.









Oh, and here's my first Mopar.  66 Dodge Coronet with the old 318. 

Post by: hemiken on March 06, 2012 - 10:11:10 PM
 :wow: Love your Challenger.................. :drool:

 :jumping: And you've added extra pictures :woo: , it really is awesome to see all the info and that you have left it correct :clapping:

Would be good if 4C could move this post out of the members rides and make a whole new section called "Online COTM magazine feature car" or something like that. :2thumbs:

PLEASE 4C :bigsmile:
Post by: GranCuda1970 on March 06, 2012 - 11:21:32 PM
Stunning car, shows the true craftsmanship of Mopar.
Post by: hooD on March 11, 2012 - 04:14:24 AM
Here's an interesting artifact that came with the car.  It's a Consumer braking, acceleration, passing, effectiveness report that is specific to my VIN.  Does anyone have any info on this?  Barry Washington was unfamiliar with this report as was a local mopar enthusiast.  So any insight would be appreciated.

Rick.....I have the same consumer information sheet on my cuda specific to my VIN. 

Post by: GranCuda1970 on March 11, 2012 - 05:41:11 AM
That's some neat chit man!!

   Maybe' they tested the consumer sheet out on your car 1st or they just had to inform everyone that bought the car of this passing / breaking spec.
Post by: Jamiez on March 11, 2012 - 06:43:14 AM
You mean this document?
As it says this was mandatory on all cars manufactured after jan 1 1970
Post by: spamtank on March 11, 2012 - 09:00:19 AM
Thanks guys.  I've seen a few of these "Consumer Information" reports now.  Just surprised me that my local mopar guy had never seen one.  Rereading Barry Washington's response back to me, he wasn't talking about this particular piece of documentation.

I assume that they didn't test each vehicle, but rather had a sample for that configuration of vehicle.  In my case 383-2V automatic transmission, front disk brakes, bla bla bla...  But since there were so many potential configurations, how did they decide what values to report?  Perhaps they had a table based on weight and horsepower.

Jamiez,  looks like your car is a 360-4V engine.  Did your car come with drum brakes?  Interesting that my 70 with the heavier motor would have a shorter stopping distance.  But drum brakes on your would explain that.

Post by: Jamiez on March 11, 2012 - 10:24:00 AM
It has power front discs.  I'm not sure about the rears as that part of the broadcast sheet is gone.  I don't think drums were an option in 74.

Edit: I double checked the codes.  It's a B41 car so it came from the factory with Power Front Discs and Power Rear Drums

The 74 challenger is actually heavier than your 70. 
In 70 with a V8 the JH23 weighed 3,118 lbs
In 74 with a V8 the JH23 weighed 3,225 lbs

All those bumper reinforcements and other safety equipment packed on the pounds.

Interesting that the failure tests (B and C) the 74 performs better
Post by: snewpy on April 20, 2012 - 10:26:19 PM
1972 ralley challenger 340/416 4 speed 3.73 sure grip a real blast to drive and enjoy. We sold the dart last year.
Post by: stang13 on September 05, 2012 - 01:20:14 PM
1970 challenger RT/SE with a 440 six pack v code numbers matching . Hooker competition headers , mopar purple shaft cam
Post by: ORNOT2B on October 11, 2012 - 08:44:08 PM
My 2009 R/T Challenger

and the 2012 SuperBee Charger.
Post by: Az-mopar on November 25, 2012 - 02:50:32 AM
I had a 70 Cuda 340  4spd a few yrs ago..
sold it on ebay last yr....
I replaced it with a Hugger orange 70.5 Z28 matching #s camaro..
just sold my Z28 a few weeks ago so I could buy this 70 Challenger A66 car
factory Hemi orange.
This one is nicer then my Cuda and my old Z28..
There is more info and pics under the fender tag decode area of this site.
I currently have  about 15 cars, 5 or 6 which are keepers and the rest are
cars we just buy/clean up and flip for the next person to enjoy.
Post by: Az-mopar on November 25, 2012 - 03:06:22 AM
1 more note, when I was a kid just out of high school in about 83, I bought this 70 Challenger Convert.
it was a 318 car, 2v, auto slapstick console... Original color combo was Plum Crazy, w/ white
interior. At the same time, I had a comp orange Cougar Eliminator, it was my baby .
Post by: Tonefiend on November 25, 2012 - 11:47:46 PM
Here is the bomber. I horse traded for it a few years ago. 318/904/8.75/ProwlerPurple/KeystoneKlassics

Post by: MetalMilitiaSRT on January 22, 2013 - 09:04:43 AM
Here's mine. a '73 Challenger "R/T"
Currently has a 440 + .03
727 Auto
Cam, Aluminum manifold, headers
Soon to get aluminum heads, sure-grip, get rid of AC, maybe a fiberglass hood. 
Post by: 71shakercuda on April 21, 2013 - 02:22:42 AM
Here is my 71 cuda restored with all NOS/original parts.
Post by: AussieRT on April 23, 2013 - 05:44:01 AM
Gday. AussieRT here.

Recently purchased a freshly imported Challenger.

1970 R/T
was originally a white 383
now a pearl orange 440
Edelbrock carb and manifold
hooker headers
Not sure what else. Still learning and finding out
Soon to get full MSD ignition install (have all the parts, just not in the car yet)
Also want alloy heads and a cam.
Here are some pics.

Post by: 71shakercuda on April 28, 2013 - 03:11:55 AM
The challenger
Post by: tx9cuda on June 13, 2013 - 09:46:47 AM
My 1970 'Cuda340
Post by: tx9cuda on June 13, 2013 - 09:50:11 AM
Another pic  :cheers:
Post by: tx9cuda on June 27, 2013 - 09:43:37 AM
One more. Playing at South GA Motorsports Park.
Post by: 72challenged on August 09, 2013 - 11:11:43 PM

( (

( (

( (
Post by: kape on August 26, 2013 - 05:30:20 AM
Our 340 Cuda vert..

Post by: sturek42 on September 12, 2013 - 05:20:43 AM
1969 barracuda
Post by: onebadfish on September 12, 2013 - 10:18:41 AM
This is my baby - 1971 Barracuda cloned to a 440/6 pack. 4spd with dana 60. Motor is a stock rebuild original bore block.
Post by: peterro on September 12, 2013 - 04:01:24 PM
My 70 Challenger. I bought it about 1991 and it was my daily driver for a number of years going to school and work. Ultimately I parked it for a future restoration. Took it apart in 1998 and finally got it on the road this year.
Post by: Suulan1 on September 13, 2013 - 10:58:47 AM
My precious!
Post by: 7212Mopar on September 13, 2013 - 12:54:09 PM
Engine bay picture please. 392  :wow:
Post by: JoeGrapes on September 25, 2013 - 09:49:53 PM
My Barracuda started out as a '70 Gran Coupe 383 auto. Over the 16 years I've had the car I completely restored the body and interior. The drive train is now a '70 440 with KB pistons, Comp Xtreme Energy cam, roller rockers, Edelbrock Performer RPM aluminum heads and intake, 750 Holley, Mopar Performance electronic ignition, TTI headers, 4 speed and 3.91 sure grip. The wheels are Billet Specialties with 295/45-18 in the rear and 245/45-17 in the front with Wilwood 4 piston disc brakes all around. There seems to be an endless list of things I want to do to the car.
Post by: Dusty1 on September 30, 2013 - 08:27:15 PM
My '72 BS 'Cuda! A Zombie has more life left in it than this car did. You have to have something loose upstairs to bring one back from where this car was, But now I'm glad I did!
Post by: Brusco on November 20, 2013 - 12:38:34 PM
My car is the ORIGINAL (Legally Authenticated) Plymouth Factory Drag Race Team The "GOLDEN COMMANDOS"-"GOLDFISH".It is a 1965 Barracuda with a "STOCK" 273 Commando LA Block and an A-833 Hemi-Ratio New Process Transmission and a 486 8 3/4" Limited Slip Differential.The car has 352.1 original miles. This car was featured in several car mags. over the years including the cover of HOTROD mag. in Feb.'66. This car won the 1965 U.S. Nat.'s F/S class and set a new E.T. Record of 13.40. The car was match raced several times in the '60's and beat such cars as a class "C" gasser Corvair and the original Hemi-Under Glass. I was given this car in June of 1999 in the condition of the first pic. You can barely make out the faded GOLDFISH lettering on the front qtr. panel. The car was completed in Oct. of this year in time to make it to the 12th Annual East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame Reunion and Car Show where it  was seen in public for the first time in over 40yrs. The Golden Commandos were inducted into the Drag Racing Hall of Fame and out of over 1,000 cars at the show THE "GOLDFISH" won the award for "BEST IN SHOW".  The last pic is with Linda Vaughn "Miss Hurst Shifter".
Post by: 71blackdemon on November 28, 2013 - 07:41:43 PM
three of my cars
Post by: Cudaragtop on March 06, 2014 - 11:46:54 PM
This is my 70 340 4-speed 'Cuda Convertible Bought 1987
Body, Paint, Interior and New Top in 1988
Decided to fix a leaking rear main seal May last year.
One thing lead to another and I ended up with a 418 Cubic Inch Stroked 340 with 511 Ft. Lbs. Torque, 480 HP
Now has Year One 17" Rallies with Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval Indy 500 245/45R17 Front and 275/40R17 Rear

Next: TTI Exhaust, Full Front Suspension, Disc Brakes, Power Steering... and... and... and...
The boxes are stacking up in the garage. :bigsmile:

R11  V6X  Y05  26  EN1     
M25   M31  M88  N41  N42  N85
V3W  A62   C55  G31  G33  J45
EF8   H6X9  000   B08   052056
E55   D21   BS27  H0B  XXXXXX

E55 - 340 c.i.d. 4 bbl. 275 Horse Power
D21 - A833 4-Speed Manual Transmission
BS27 - Barracuda Special 2 Door Convertible
H0B - 340 c.i.d. 1970 Hamtramck Assembly Plant
xxxxxx - Sequence Number
EF8 - Lower Body Color – Ivy Green Metallic
H6X9 - High Grade Vinyl Bucket Seats - Black
000 - Door Frame Color
B08 - Scheduled Production Date – November 08, 1969 Saturday
052056 - Vehicle Order Number
V3W - Convertible Top - White
A62 - Rallye Instrument Cluster
C55 - Bucket Seats
G31 - Outside Right Hand Manual Racing Mirror - Chrome
G33 - Outside Left Hand Remote Racing Mirror - Chrome
J45 - Hood Pins with Lanyards
M25 - Wide Sill Moldings
M31 - Belt Moldings
M88 - Tail Panel Molding
N41 - Dual Exhaust
N42 - Chrome Exhaust Tips
N85 - Tachometer
R11 - Radio - AM Music Master 2-Watt
V6X - Sport Stripe Longitudinal Tape - Black
Y05 - Build to Specifications for: USA Order
26 - 26 inch Radiator
EN1 - End Plate 1st Assembly Line


A5063 RANDY418.CFG 418CHRY.FRC Nov 20 '13 11:17 AM
xxxxxxxxxxxxx Redmond, WA 98074
DEPAC # 415 Fri Sep 20 '13 2:34 F2500 Flow Tst# 5063 3100 to 6200 RPM
RANDY418.CFG 340CHRY.INF 29.92" Dry Air @ 60F FUEL SG .742 Time 11.2
BARO:29.3 Disp:418 F Spg:0 Temp:64 Humd:67 Map:0
Changes: Lower RPM
Customer : Randy xxxxx Application : 70 Cuda
Engine : SBC 418 Comp Ratio: 10.5:1 Fuel: 92 .742
Induction : LD 340 Edelbrock Carb : 3310-2 Holley
Valve Lash : .020 /: .020 ADL Load/Grade: 28/69 RPM/Hold: 58/45
Load: 50 Rate: 5 Outlet Val: 6 H2O Press: 55 FuelPressure: 7.0
Jets : 73/73 : 79/79 HS/LS: HS/LS:
Ignition : Chry/MSD Oil : BR
Advance : 37 Plugs : RC12YC Champion
Camshaft: SR246/362-2S-8IG , .543/.561 L/S: 104 Int. C/L: 108
Spacer : 0"
E-tube jets: : : : :
BAND    Ft-Lbs   CHP #/Hr #/HrHP Deg F Deg F
3117    488.3    289.8  131.8 0.48 159 165
3200    488.7    297.7  130.5 0.46 160 166
3300    490.3    308.1  131.3 0.45 160 166
3400    485.1    314     134.3 0.45 160 166
3500    482.2    321.3  135.5 0.45 161 166
3600    483.9    331.7  139.2 0.44 161 166
3700    489.5    344.9  142.1 0.44 161 166
3800    494.5    357.8  146.9 0.43 162 166
3900    498.8    370.4  152.9 0.44 162 167
4000    500.5    381.2  156.6 0.43 163 167
4100    502.7    392.4  160.2 0.43 163 167
4200    507.7    406     164.4 0.43 163 167
4300    511.5    418.8  169 0.43 163 167
4400    511.4    428.4  174.4 0.43 163 167
4500    508.7    435.9  179.3 0.44 164 167
4600    505.3    442.6  183.8 0.44 164 168
4700    501.6    448.9  187.5 0.44 164 168
4800    498       455.1  192.5 0.45 164 168
4900    492.2    459.2  196.8 0.45 165 168
5000    488.8    465.3  200.4 0.46 165 168
5100    485.7    471.6  204.2 0.46 165 168
5200    475.1    470.4  206.3 0.47 165 168
5300    470.6    474.9  207.9 0.46 166 168
5400    463.4    476.4  210.1 0.47 166 168
5500    456.4    478     214.5 0.48 166 168
5600    448.9    478.7  217.6 0.48 166 169
5700    441.7    479.4  219.2 0.49 166 169
5800    433.4    478.7  219.9 0.49 167 169
5900    425.8    478.3  220.9 0.49 167 169
6000    417.3    476.7  223.9 0.5 167 169
6100    407.6    473.4  226.7 0.51 167 169
6169    403.1    473.5  228.8 0.52 168 169

AVRG   480.47  454.69 196.26 0.457 164.8 167.8
AVERAGE RESULTS From 4100 RPM to 5900 RPM DEPAC # 415
Post by: 6771plymouth on March 23, 2014 - 08:40:57 AM
2009 challenger r/t 67 Plymouth satellite 383 4spd #matchin 2003 ram 1500 hemi express and project 71 cuda hemi clone.
Post by: 6771plymouth on March 23, 2014 - 08:46:52 AM
2009 challenger r/t 67 Plymouth satellite 383 4spd # matching  2003 ram 1500 hemi express and project 71 hemi cuda clone.
Post by: Bearcuda on March 23, 2014 - 11:36:29 PM
Took these yesterday
Post by: thesledhead on March 29, 2014 - 03:54:08 PM
Well Ive been using u guys for knowledge for a few months now so I guess its about time I join and contribute   :drunk: heres my 70 T/A thats in good "driver" condition.  I have the original 4 speed on a shelf but added a 5 speed for fun.
Post by: Cudaragtop on March 30, 2014 - 02:10:23 AM
Well Ive been using u guys for knowledge for a few months now so I guess its about time I join and contribute   :drunk: heres my 70 T/A thats in good "driver" condition.  I have the original 4 speed on a shelf but added a 5 speed for fun.

Seewt Ride :2thumbs:
Post by: thesledhead on March 30, 2014 - 12:04:30 PM
Seewt Ride :2thumbs:

thanks! We have a lot of fun with it.
Post by: thenuke1 on April 14, 2016 - 01:51:48 PM
couple pics
Post by: 360FISH on April 14, 2016 - 03:45:32 PM
Very cool Nuke!   Glad to see you on the road...    :clapping:
Post by: thenuke1 on April 14, 2016 - 03:59:43 PM
Very cool Nuke!   Glad to see you on the road...    :clapping:

thanks FISH. yeah had a bit of drama with my car for a bit but we're back on the road with these new babys


Post by: Bearcuda on April 30, 2016 - 09:49:31 PM
How is there two years with no new member rides on this thread until recently??
Anyway, finally got the wheels I've wanted for awhile to give the Cudee what I feel is finally the perfect balance of black accents over the red.
Post by: Finoke on May 04, 2016 - 04:03:45 AM
Here's mine....
Post by: HP_Cuda on May 06, 2016 - 02:22:08 PM
Not many Lemon Twists in this thread...
Post by: Mopar Thunder on May 06, 2016 - 06:29:46 PM
Here's mine from a photo shoot

( (
Post by: sbwolfe035 on October 16, 2016 - 07:43:00 AM
The convertible Challenger is a 1970 RT w/ 383/ Auto.  I have owned since 1983. In the beginning it was actually an FK5 color with white top and white longitudinal stripes that was my daily driver and I wore it out and basically parked it. Being in the military I dragged it around various duty stations but never got rid of it. I started working on it on and off in spurts. In 1994, I saw a PCP Challenger convertible (white stripes and top) in a Mopar Mag and fell in love with that color. The original numbers matching engine and tranny are in the car but the engine is rebuilt with a little more ummph. I have retained every original part for the car except for the distributer and the driver side door. In hind sight - I wish I would have kept the door and just did the repair on it - oh well.
Now that I am older; I am leaning toward putting it back to the original FK5 exterior and the matching interior it came with. A 3rd option I am considering is Jazz Blue - white stripes and white top. I will make it a patriotic tribute themed car with the blue back ground.
The other Challenger is a 2013 SRT core. I think the new Challengers are sweet rides. I just didn't like the noisy rides (road noise) of the Camaro and Mustang...not trying to knock our fellow American Muscle cars...I do  think they are awesome cars too.
I just put the17 inch cragers/nittos on my convertible and I thought it would make a cool picture nose to nose.
Post by: 72ls5fla on October 16, 2016 - 09:08:15 AM
1970 440 Sixpack
Real N96 Shaker
37K miles (believed to be t rue)
Very correct
Fender tag and Broadcast Sheet Decoded by Galen and in registry.

( (

( (
Post by: EB3-GranCoupe on October 17, 2016 - 06:01:53 PM
Bill!  Just like old times at Garlits, when our cars were across from one another, and here they again in!
Post by: 72ls5fla on October 17, 2016 - 06:17:19 PM
love your car!

I think EB3 is really pretty.

Post by: miketyler on October 31, 2016 - 09:52:53 AM
Pic of my 72...still got her.
Post by: sbwolfe035 on November 01, 2016 - 10:57:52 PM
Beautiful car
Post by: jimmycuda71 on February 07, 2017 - 03:57:42 PM
My 1973 Cuda (Work in progress)
496ci 727 8 3/4
Fast XFI Sportsman EFI
Alterkation front suspension
Street Lynx 4-link rear
Post by: hofilbert on February 07, 2017 - 06:59:03 PM
1970 HEMI 'Cuda (clone) Convertible
426 2x4, 727, Sure-grip, PT, PS, PDB, EV2

Post by: Gus cuda on February 11, 2017 - 07:41:42 AM
 :2thumbs: Very nice!
Post by: andlf on May 23, 2017 - 09:51:10 AM
Here's mine...2014 R/T Classic Hemi 6 speed manual 3.92
Post by: wldgtx on June 22, 2017 - 12:29:44 PM
1970 FC7 Challenger RT/SE
Post by: scf100 on July 04, 2017 - 07:53:16 PM
1972 Barracuda from Arizona so no rust!
340 auto
Post by: citron fella on July 14, 2017 - 01:46:51 PM
( i picked her up in February

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Post by: 73_Cuda_4_Me on July 20, 2017 - 07:05:49 PM

Post by: amtronic1 on July 26, 2017 - 10:06:49 AM
Not enough A body Barracudas here!!
1966 Barracuda Formula S w/4 speed and 273 Commando V-8

Post by: 73_Cuda_4_Me on July 30, 2017 - 06:56:44 PM
 :2thumbs:  Nice car, amtronic1!!! I had a 66 valiant station wagon with 273 and P.B. Auto... wish I had that one back... the drive-in tales that could tell! LOL
Post by: 66/72RAB on July 31, 2017 - 10:08:09 PM
66 Fury Convertible 318 poly / 727 - purchased for $25 in 1978 (really)
72 Challenger 340 /4 speed - real 340 car with a JH VIN  and not a JS VIN
Post by: Cudamanbob on August 01, 2017 - 12:01:01 PM

My Blown 440, 72 Cuda